The coast is clear…

Despite the pandemic and the extended lockdown and restrictions on all kinds of movements, I would say that we are getting on all right all these months with all the stuff that we have in the house.

Of course, there are a lot of things that for various reasons, we have not eaten for a long time. Maybe it is because we want to avoid any crowd or we just do not want to go out to eat or the place is closed or dining in is not allowed and I am not crazy about ordering and getting food delivered to the house. However, sometimes, we may see photos of those things and that may trigger a craving in us and make us wish we can go and feast on them.

Not too long ago, I was browsing through my old blogposts and I stumbled upon this one with this photograph

…with all those to-die-for roast meats hanging in the display cabinet at the stall. It looked so good and I could not resist sharing the link to the post on Facebook…and my friends started scolding and grumbling away as that made them all lao nua (salivate).

This stall is located at a coffee shop round the corner from my house, the brother of the guy whose immensely popular stall selling the same is located right across the road from the Public Bank, Tunku Osman branch and on days when we have nothing much to eat in the house, I would drive over and buy some of what they still have. I like going at around 3 in the afternoon as the coast is clear – all the other stalls would be closed and there would not be a single living soul around. Of course, on days when I am not lucky, they would not have much left or worse, they would be closed having sold out everything for the day.

Well, the other day, my blogger-friend published this post in her blog and that was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. So to appease the craving, that afternoon, I made my way to the stall and bought one chicken thigh (RM7.00)…

…and RM10 worth of roast duck, breast meat…

When it comes to duck, I do not like the drumstick as it tends to be a bit on the tough side.

That was quite enough for the three of us for one meal so I saved the char siew (RM10.00)…

…for another day.

I must say that I sure bought quite a lot that day, RM27.00 altogether…

I guess that would be enough for a while, no need for me to go over and buy some more again in the not-too-distant future…I think! LOL!!!

MEI LE CAFE (2.313147, 111.846968) is located along Jalan Gambir, a stone’s throw away from the Delta Mall, straight ahead from the first turning to your left as soon as you turn into that road from Jalan Pedada, now Jalan Datuk Wong Soon Kai.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “The coast is clear…”

  1. Looks really good. The other day while out doing a quick grocery shopping, I bought back some char siu (RM13) and big sausage(RM20) and save it for dinner. Cut cucumber and serve it. Just anothet add-on dish. Big sausage is RM52/kg. whereas char siu is RM48/kg

    1. Yes, I love their big sausage too and their char siew ribs but I did not buy any that day. I just ask for RM10 of this, RM10 of that, never asked for the prices per kilo. Usually I will go over and buy when we have leftovers for lunch, nothing much left for dinner. So very convenient as It is near my house.

  2. I say, now you have got me hankering for roast duck! I agree with you that when it comes to roast duck, the breast is the best part.

    1. The drumstick tends to be too tough, probably from all that swimming. You can get good roast duck all over – here, this is one good one. Not too sure about the rest. not many places selling roast duck, in fact…unless we go to one good restaurant in town, not going to be cheap, of course.

  3. Actually, I have been craving for roast duck for quite sometime. I love the meaty part of the roast duck breast. One of these days when I am lazy to cook, I will go and buy some roast duck meat and some char siew too.

    1. LOL!!! You too!!! I will go and buy when there isn’t much to eat in the house, usually for dinner after having finished off the leftovers for lunch. Very convenient as this place is near my house. just a few hundred metres away. I would tell my missus not to cook anything, otherwise we would have some more leftovers for the following day.

  4. To me as long as the skin is crispy and the flesh is succulent it doesn’t matter which part I’m sinking my teeth into.

  5. I get what you mean, I had the same feeling when we had our lockdown many months ago. When it ended we ate on all of the restaurants we did missed

    1. LOL!!! They have relaxed the lockdown here now, can dine in already but no, I am not ready to go out and eat yet. Still staying safe, staying home…and staying well!

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