Not going out…

It has been way over a week since we have gone into Phase 2 here in Sarawak. Unfortunately, we still see cases here, there and everywhere, a lot at some places, so of course, as far as I am concerned, nothing has changed – I am not going out unless absolutely necessary and even though they allow dining in at the eateries these days, don’t expect to see me sitting in a coffee shop, casting caution to the wind and eating away. I am quite happy to stay at home and enjoy my own-cooked breakfast in the early morning.

My girl asked the mum to buy her these made-in-Singapore purple wheat noodles

…sometime ago and I did help myself to a packet, served with thinly sliced pan-grilled smoked duck breast plus an egg and tomatoes by the side. We prefer the chili and lime flavour but my missus said that it was out of stock and there was only this one, take it or leave it.

This is also made in Singapore, the Myojo mee pok dry and my girl still has a few packets in the house so on another morning, I took one…

..for my breakfast and had it with a few slices of scallop tofu and two poached eggs.

Of course I am well-stocked with our Sibu’s own Mee Daddy, chicken flavour

I had it dry, served with deep fried sotong rings and one fried egg and I made sure that I had a bowl of its most delightful soup by the side.

It is pretty obvious that I do not need to go out at all as I have a whole lot of things to pick and choose to eat first thing in the morning. This was my Bovril spaghetti with corned beef and potatoes plus sliced tomato by the side…

I thought it was nice but I would very much prefer the texture of our own mee sua

…or mee kua/mee pok

…with Bovril to that of the Italian pasta…

…al dente.

There was some leftover rice that day so I cooked my kampung-style belacan and ikan bilis egg fried rice

…something I had not had for a while and I even had a bacon & egg burger


My missus made these sausage buns…

…one night so we could have them for breakfast. I had two and two half-boiled eggs but I wouldn’t say that they swept me off my feet. There was too little sausage, mostly bread and they were so overwhelmingly strong on the garlic, not in the recipe, she said and that was not entirely to my liking. I toasted them in the oven till nice and crusty and buttered them generously to eat – they were quite all right, after that.

So what am I going to eat today? That is the question I will ask myself every morning when I wake up and of course, I shall have to prepare and cook everything myself. However, all things considered, this is a very small price to pay to #staysafe and #staywell and as far as the enjoyment and satisfaction go, I can say that generally, these are as nice or perhaps, even nicer than anything I can get at a coffee shop outside.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “Not going out…”

  1. Luckily, I am not a person who likes to sit in kopitiam eat and chit chat and so is hubby. That makes us a good pair… LOL!!!… 😄 unless no choice going out with the youngsters. All the breakfast prepared by you looks so good. Mee Daddy, anytime for me. I never miss keeping packets in my pantry. Most of the time,I love to have it dry.

    1. I bought a family pack, should last a long time as I’m the only one in the house eating.

      I don’t mind eating at coffee shops early in the morning when there is no crowd or going to those less crowded ones – that may not mean the food is no good. Often, those that people say are the best in town can be very disappointing. I hate those with so many people, have to squeeze into a corner somewhere, so noisy, so hot!!! I wonder how people can stand that…and sit there for so long some more.

      I like to take photos of the food as served – not so nice if tapao and take home, not photogenic anymore.

  2. What you served, the way you plated the food can rival any restaurant! It’s a pity your missus’ sausage buns failed to impress. I was actually eyeing the perfectly cooked soft boiled eggs in the background. LOL!

    It’s best to keep staying safe at home. We are not out of the woods yet.

    1. Far from it!!! Yesterday’s news, Sarawak is No. 1 in the country with the Delta Variant, not that it is anything to be proud of but most in the Kuching area – Sibu seems all right atm but we HAVE to be very very careful, no matter what!

      Yes, I do think I’m quite an eggspert, will get them right most of the time! LOL!

  3. You are an expert in cooking your own breakfast. Very nice presentation too. Every morning you have something different and all look delicious. We do miss meeting up with our friends for breakfast and dinner but for now, we are are all eating in the comfort and safety of our own home.

    1. Yes, I know you all go out everywhere in groups, so much fun. I don’t usually do that so I’m fine with eating at home, just that I’ve to do everything myself. Not keen on going out to buy or ordering home food delivery. Sometimes, so lazy to cook, just eat crackers! LOL!!!

    1. Just found out around March that I have heart inflammation, a weak heart, hypertension, high risk – can go anytime and a host of other problems so I’m on medication right now…and that is the reason for the change in my dietary habits. Will have to see if things improve or not.

  4. Your kampung-style belacan and ikan bilis egg fried rice really caught my eyes…maybe it was the crispy anchovies. 😀

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