Streets of London…

In my blogpost the other day on that time in 1994 when I went to Plymouth, England, I did mention that one weekend when we were there, we managed to make a short trip to London. I don’t know about the rest but I sure had a great time and did a whole lot of interesting things there – I’m sure if I were to talk about all of them, it would stretch over a number of posts. Therefore, so as not to bore everyone to death, I shall do it a little at a time, in small doses and if there is some show of interest, I shall blog about some other things that happened during my brief weekend there.

This was on the morning of our final day in London, Sunday. We had the whole morning to ourselves before we boarded the coach to make our way back to Plymouth and everyone in the group wanted to walk from Malaysia House (where we were staying) to Buckingham Palace to see the Changing of the Guards. I did not want to go as I was not really into things touristy and besides, it was already towards the end of November and the weather was getting cold so the guards would be dressed in their long and dull grey trench coats over their striking red uniforms so I did not think it would be a sight to behold.

Another guy in our group, Su, from Pahang did not want to go either so we went strolling along the streets of London together. I think it was somewhere along Regent or Oxford Street that we saw a caravan parked right in the middle of the road…

…and much to our delight, ooooopsss…I mean, surprise, a beautiful, curvaceous, sexy model dressed only in her lingerie emerged from it!

Some people were having a photoshoot that morning and the caravan was used by the model as her changing room. Very soon, a crowd gathered all around and I was rather amused to hear them trying to guess the colour of the lingerie the model would be wearing each time she came out of the caravan…

…and of course, there were people taking photographs of the model as well.

Those were the days before the smartphone so not that many people had a camera with them for them to do that. Luckily, Su and I had ours with us and of course, we happily clicked away…

As they say, if you can’t beat them, join them!

When the group came back from Buckingham Palace, we told them what we saw – the changing of the guards, a different kind of “guards”, not the ones at the palace that they saw and of course, when we had the film developed and the photographs printed, we could not wait to show them to the guys so they could see what they missed.

Now, anybody wants to hear about that evening when a lady dressed in a fur coat stopped her car by the side of the road while I was walking back to Malaysia House and tried to pick me up? LOL!!!

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18 thoughts on “Streets of London…”

  1. That was so much fun for you during your trip to London. Any prize for guessing correctly the colour of the lingerie the model was wearing? Pls continue your story about the lady wearing fur coat that evening. Cheesy story I guess… 😜😜😜

    1. LOL!!! Just one weekend in London and I had lots of stories to tell. Sure had a wonderful time there! Another post on the weekend coming soon. Stick around!

    1. Dunno. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I can name a single model. LOL!!! Yes, it sure was fun and the guys who were not there were so jealous!

  2. Wahhh… pick you up? The memory of that will never been forgotten! My first trip to UK was in 1984… how many years ago, I also dont know how to count already… hahahaa…

    1. …but you went again a few times to visit Aaron, right? How is he doing there? How many kids already? Bet you wish you could go again, right? Terrible, this pandemic, everybody has to stay at home.

  3. Weren’t you glad you ditched the (boring) changing of the guards? LOL! Oh my! Do pray tell how it is that a lady tried to pick you up! LOL!

    1. LOL!!! Gee!!! Everybody’s curious about that fur coat lady! By popular demand! Looks like I have no choice but to relate the story. Coming right up…soon! Stick around!

  4. You and Su made the right choice and ended up with a delightful time on the street of London. Oh yes, please share with us about the lady in fur coat who tried to pick you up.

    1. There will come a time when we will not have any photographs as nobody is printing any of the ones they take. I upgraded my PC and now I found that I cannot open all my CDs of photographs. Will have to use one of my old laptops, I think. Yet to try.

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