My missus went out last Friday. She did not have to even though the last time she went out was two weeks ago as we still had a lot of stuff in the fridge and the freezer, the pantry and the cabinets and all over our spare room downstairs.

Well, she wanted to go out as we had gone into Phase 2 already, here in the state of Sarawak, and the hair salons would be open so she wanted to go and get her hair done, not that anybody would see or we had plans to go anywhere. LOL!!! But frankly, I do feel that we need to pamper ourselves a bit sometimes – that would do a whole lot of good for our sanity. Mine is an absolute mess, going north, south, east and west but no, I’m not bothered to do anything about it just yet.

Anyway, since she was out that day, she dropped by that supermarket in town that imports stuff from countries all over the world and yes, she came home with a whole lot of purchases including these imported from Australia beef patty, Wagyu no less…

…and another one, Angus (both a little over RM10.00 each) and of course, she had to buy some burger buns to eat those with.

The last time she went out, my girl asked her to buy these pork patties…

…four in a pack and she bought two. We did not have any bread or buns in the house so my girl just pan-grilled them and ate just like that with whatever else she had on the side. It would be nice if she had those mini dinner rolls plus all the other ingredients so she could make some nice sliders to enjoy. She still has a pack left, still in the freezer.

In the meantime, she already tried the Angus beef patty that the mum bought and she did cut a section of the burger for me to try. She did not have much else in the burger, other than the patty and a slice of cheese but I would say it was very nice. The patty was juicy and very delicious…unlike the double cheese burger that I had from the outlet of that franchise we have here to appease my craving at one time. That was sometime ago and perhaps, I caught them on a bad day but the patty was dry and hard – I never wanted to buy any from there since. Perhaps one of these days, I can stop by a bakery and buy some mini-buns for the pork patties.

Well, in case you’re wondering, no, I did not want to eat that Wagyu patty – I would want to leave that for my girl to enjoy but since we had a lot of burger buns in the house, I decided to make my own using whatever I could find…

I took one of the buns and toasted it lightly, inside and outside and buttered it generously and I pan-grilled some slices of the smoked back bacon that I had in the freezer to put in the burger, along with a slice of cheddar cheese, two slices of tomato, topped with one fried egg.

This was what the cross-section was like…

It sure looked great, don’t you think? Well, I must say that it tasted really good too but of course, I must not indulge in it too much – too many of those big buns would do a whole lot of damage to my low-carbs diet, I’m sure but I guess once in a long while should be fine.

TA KIONG EMPORIUM (2.2933,111.82713,783) is located at No. 42-46, Jalan Tuanku Osman and DELTA – THE MARKETPLACE (2.311968, 111.847043) is located in the basement of the Delta Mall, Taman Seduan 8, Jalan Dr Wong Soon Kai (formerly Jalan Pedada).

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “Burger…”

  1. Your burger looks really good. Homemade burgers are always better as we can add whatever extra ingredients to it. Used to make for my kids when they are still small. Now since only 2 of us are in the house, I feel sort of lazy and not so keen to do it too. Anytime when I am craving for burger, just drop by Sugar Bun which is just a stone throw away from my house to buy it. I like their fish fillet burger.

    1. Yes, I would want to buy their fish burger, their beef burger isn’t anything to shout about – pretty much the usual as everywhere lese. The fish burger is getting more and more expensive though – can buy those frozen fish fillet for fish and chips and the buns and make our own. Not difficult…unlike if we make our own patties for our burgers.

      I have a Sugar Bun near my house too but not keen on going there as it was often on the list of places visited by positive COVID-19 cases. I would avoid all those places in the daily list as I do not think they bother to close shop and sanitise. #staysafe #staywell

  2. Yum yum. I like your burger. I used to buy the plain bun without the sesame seeds as they tend to come off. Messy. Haha.
    Pan fry the bun for a while is nice, I do that too.

    1. Yes, not much taste also – I did not feel there were sesame seeds actually. I used the pan to toast the bun, inside and outside but this morning, I used the oven – post on this morning’s burger coming soon!

  3. I haven’t had burger for a long, long time. Home made ones are the best, can put in anything we like. I like to pan toast the buns with butter. Your burger looks good with the bacon, cheese and egg.

    1. Yes, and much cheaper too. Those franchise ones aren’t great and are so expensive! This one I toasted in a non-stick pan. Had another one today, oven-toasted. Blogpost on that coming soon. I wouldn’t mind some lettuce in my burger but I did not have any in the fridge, just some tomatoes.

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