I remember the boy…

Yes, I remember that handsome boy helping out at his family’s tee peang (our Sibu Foochow version of the oyster cake) stall

…at the pasar malam (night market) here in Sibu. As a matter of fact, all this while, I was wondering if their stall was still open or not.

The night market was asked to close because of the pandemic and when the authorities allowed it to operate, there were all kinds of rules and regulations – only a few stalls were allowed to open each night and even going in would be such a hassle – one would have to queue up and go through the hassle of observing the SOP’s before entering. Unfortunately, once inside, it was a free-for-all, no physical distancing, no lines on the ground as to where to walk or where to stand at a safe distance from the other customers. I, for one, would not want to go there, thank you very much…and one might end up going there only to find that the stall was not open! What a nuisance!

Actually, the people at this particular stall used to operate from a coffee shop in town in the morning and at the pasar malam at night. I used to go there to buy from them, never at the night market – the problem then was it was often sold out…and being in a congested part of town, parking was a pain. Eventually, they decided to run their business at night only, at the pasar malam.

It so happened that the other day, my sister dropped by my house to give us these…

…and she said they were from the people from that particular tee peang stall. They are now at this coffee shop – at one time, many would swear by the kampua mee there and insist that it was the best in town. Of course, that old guy is no longer there. I guess they have decided not to bother doing it at the night market and to set up their business here instead.

The tee peang seemed bigger…

…than before but they did not seem all that generous with the filling…

…despite the fact that it had gone up in price, RM2.00 now from only RM1.50 a piece before.

Having said that, I would say that it…

…was still very nice, as nice as I remember it to be.

I don’t know whether the handsome boy would be there to help out or not. From what I heard the last time, he was a therapist by profession with some TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) shop so he was free at night to go lend a hand at the pasar malam. Perhaps, one of these days, I shall drop by there and have a look but as far as the tee peang goes, we have reasonably good homemade ones at the neighbourhood shop in the next lane and also at the apam balik/mànjiānguǒ (曼煎粿- Chinese pancake) stall in that same vicinity in the afternoon…and according to a friend, they have very good ones here too. I’ve yet to go and check it out.

HOCK LOK HONG CAFE SHOP 福樂園茶室 (2.284690, 111.832669) is located at No. 1, Lorong Lanang 2 at the traffic lights where you turn in from Lanang Road heading toward the Sibu Rejang Esplanade and the Li Hua & Kingwood Hotels.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “I remember the boy…”

  1. From the name tee peang, I think the peang itself is sweet in taste. I am in doubt whether the fillings is sweet too or savoury. Never come across this tee peang at the kuih stall in the market.

    1. “peang” is peah in Foochow, dunno what “tee” is. “T’nee koi” with the n sound means sweet cake – that is the kuih bakul we eat around Chinese New Year. Tee peang is savoury – the filling in most of the others comes across like what’s in char siew pao. This one has its own taste, also very nice.

      I don’t think you can get this in Kuching, it’s Foochow.

  2. Yeah, definitely dont have these in Ipoh.. maybe in Sitiawan where most the Foochows are…. One Char Siew Pau in Ipoh cost RM2.50 at least now… no joke…

    1. More or less that same price here. Nothing is cheap anymore these days but I guess we have to be thankful that we can still get to enjoy and can afford these little pleasures.

      Dunno if they have that in Sitiawan but I know they have something similar in Singapore. They call it oyster cake and they put oysters inside. Some of my friends have tried – they said not quite the same and our tee peang is nicer.

      Hey!!! I went and googled and found this lady’s blog – I think she’s a Foochow in Ipoh…and she makes her own!!!

  3. Never taste tee peang with filling inside. Usually just plain tee peang.

    More than 1 year since I visited a pasar malam. My usual pasar tani that used to operate on Thursday and Friday in my area no more. Missed it very much. I knew some operate in other pasar malam on weekends but we never bother to visit.

    1. The end of the block where your sister-in-law’s shop was at Rejang Park, the fried kway teow place – theirs also nice but kosong, no meat filling. Sold out very quickly.

  4. The tee peang looks good. I love savoury filling. My first 10 years were spent in Sitiawan and I can’t remember eating this tee peang there. RM2 is still consider reasonable. Most important they are still tasty.

    1. They do have the kosong (empty) ones, selling at half the price. I love those, not into the meat filling all that much. They make these using soya bean pulp so the people making soya bean milk would usually sell these as well – I love the taste.

    1. Only in Sibu, our Foochow delicacy. They have their own version in Singapore, with oysters so it is called oyster cake there but some say it is not quite the same, not so nice.

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