Happy for a while…

No, I was not expecting it that day, not in the least as there were still a considerable number of cases at some places here, Kuching, for example but out of the blue, they announced that Sarawak would be going into Phase 2 on Wednesday, 14th July and dining in would be allowed.

Of course, I was taken by surprise but I was kind of happy that I would be able to go for my haircut – my hair had grown rather long now, making me feel rather uncomfortable and the batteries in my car’s remote controls…

…were running very low. One no longer functioned and the spare wasn’t very much better. I called the service centre but they said they did not have stock – because of the pandemic, there is this problem with the shipping and delivery of things. Now that we would be going into Phase 2, I could go to one car accessories shop to get the batteries replaced. Those shops are classified under non-essentials and were not allowed to open during Phase 1.

I can’t say I was dying to go some place to dine but I sure would not mind that and I was thinking that perhaps, I could go for a nice plate of kampua mee the next morning. Unfortunately, on the evening of the 13th, they announced a shocking piece of news and that there had been a change of plans – dining in would not be allowed as there were at that point in time 17 cases of the super-infectious, super-contagious Delta variant in Kuching…but only dining in would not be allowed, it seemed. I wonder if those cases of the Delta variant got infected while they were dining in somewhere and that was why they decided not to allow it? Ok to go marketing, shopping and do everything else?

Anyway, upon hearing that the highly contagious variant had made it into the state, I sure would not want to go anywhere anymore and besides, the next morning, it was raining heavily here – I wouldn’t have gone out even if I could. I was quite happy to cook my own Bovril mee sua

…for my breakfast. I still had the real beef Bovril that I bought the other day but I had run out of the mee pok/mee kua. That wasn’t a problem, of course, as I had my stock of mee sua and if I chose to, I could use the noodles from all the packets of instant noodles that we had in the house.

I had a few slices of smoked duck with it…

The previous time I had that, I just heated up the whole chunk in the oven, sliced and ate. The skin was like rubber, impossible to chew and eat so I had to remove it and throw it away. I asked my blogger-friend, Rose, about it – she had it not too long ago and she said I would have to pan-fry it to make it crispy so that was exactly what I did. The skin turned out very nice, very crispy and I sure enjoyed it.

Never mind that my happiness was short-lived, at least, we are well-stocked with everything we need in the house, no need to go out to buy this and that all the time. Whatever phase it is, at a time like this, it will be best to just #staysafe #staywell #stayhome and pray hard that things will eventually get better.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “Happy for a while…”

  1. Yupe! It is safer to stay at home right? Buy all you need and stay at home. As long as you get to feed yourself. It is perfectly fine.

    1. Yes, unless you need to go out and work to put food on the table. If not, best to just stay home. Do not trouble trouble till trouble troubles you.

  2. Your Bovril mee sua looks great. I am not into anything smoked like duck, hay bee or garlic. I find they have a perculiar smell. With the Delta variant, the super spreader lurking in Kuching, I think it is best to tapao home instead of dine-in but some people are so eager and not scared. Even without this pandemic in the past, I for one never like to dine-in in kopitiam and so is hubby. I find them noisy and uncomfortable. The only time I dine-in is having breakfast with my son and DIL. Other than that, NO thank you.

    1. I guess it is our national pastime, sitting in coffee shops, never mind how crowded and dirty, eating and drinking and chatting away…and those office workers will “ular” away. Most unproductive activity!

      You’ll love smoked duck if you like ham and bacon. Smoked hay bee? Aren’t they all smoked or just dried? The salai ones are the smoked ones? I love those! Salai ikan too, salai babi, salai babi hutan! Ah well! To each his own.

    1. Yes, one day at a time and hope for the best. Not in a rush as I am quite sure it is not going to be anything like before – we’ll just have t to learn to live with it – the so-called new normal.

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