Cutting down…

I guess everyone knows that I’ve been cutting down on my intake of sugar as well as carbohydrates. That is why my missus will not cook a lot of rice for our meals these days, just a bit for each one of us for lunch and dinner and because of that, we hardly have any leftover rice in the fridge.

I did use it to cook porridge once but I don’t recall using it to cook fried rice. That was why when I spotted a small tub of leftover rice in the fridge the other morning, I wasted no time at all in getting down to frying my kampung-style belacan ikan bilis and egg fried rice…

…more or less the same way like how I did it in April last year, 2020

…using basically the same ingredients…

…except that I decided not to add any shallots this time around.

The steps were more or less the same, minus the adding of the shallots part, just the chopped garlic – you can click the link to go and have a look at the whole process if you are interested and before I dished it all out of the wok, I threw in some chopped spring onions from my garden.

Yes, just so Uncle Roger would approve, I did sprinkle a bit of msg at the end and just like what I said that previous time – “I certainly would fry it again this way should there be anymore leftover rice in the fridge and no, I shall not be taking any more photographs while cooking and I shall make sure that I do not burn the shallot and the garlic again.”

I did not take any snapshots so I did not burn anything and it…

…turned out really nice, a lovely change from all that bread, all the crackers and the instant noodles that I have been having for my breakfast all these months.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “Cutting down…”

  1. I like fried rice of any kind, kampung or Chinese style. Your kampung-style belacan ikan bilis fried rice looks great. Nowadays, I reduce my ikan bilis intake as I heard it has high uric acid content. I used garlic more than shallots in my fried rice. Sometimes so much more that I called it garlic fried rice… 😊😊

    1. I don’t have any problem with uric acid anymore – used to be borderline, it could attack anytime but now it is way below that level. Dunno why, I did not eat anything – maybe the super bitter daun bumi hempedu leaves do help!

      Yes, I prefer garlic too in my cooking, fried shallots more for garnishing. If tossed in kampua or cooked with the rice or noodles, they become soggy, not so nice. Love the oil used to fry shallots though!

  2. I like this type of fried rice. Kampung style with ikan bilis, egg and sambal. Yummy. Yesterday I cook porridge out of leftover rice. Most of the time, I will cook fried rice but yesterday felt like having white porridge.

    1. We have porridge on some days, sometimes plain, sometimes my missus would cook meat porridge. My girl loves porridge, no need to chew, she says. LOL!!! I haven’t cooked it in the morning for the same reason why I do not fry rice so much these days, no leftover rice.

  3. We too have been cutting down on sugar and carbohydrates as much as we can. Every time there is extra rice, I will automatically think of fried rice. Have tried using left over rice to cook porridge. I like the way you fried your kampung style fried rice. When I was working, I used to order kampung style fried rice from the canteen. I seldom use shallots these days, more convenient to use garlic. I think I will have to buy some shallots to grow spring onions in my garden. We will be having porridge for dinner this evening. The weather these 2 days is very warm.

    1. Not here, been raining a lot but thank goodness it is hot today. My gardener came this morning to cut the grass after a long long time. We’ve gone into Phase 2 now though I really wonder why – still hundreds of cases every day in Kuching.

      I enjoy the kampung fried rice at the Malay stalls here, not so into the Chinese ones – msg overload but some can do it very well, nice wok hei fragrance.

      I make sure my supply of spring onions is endless – keep planting all the time but when my missus makes her kim chi, that is it! All gone at one go! LOL!!!

    1. I’m sure you are not as old as I am. I’m ancient, gotta watch what I eat but of course, it is good to eat in moderations, never mind young or old.

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