Keep it inside…

The other day, my girl said she would cook lunch so we just let her do what she wanted. When everything was ready, she asked us to go and eat.

She toasted a few slices of these wraps, a new variety with chia seeds…

…for us to use and we were supposed to add this special sauce…

…that she made. She could not open a bottle of what I thought was mushroom pasta sauce, if I was not mistaken, and enlisted my help to do it for her. I did not ask her but I overhead her telling the mum all the spices and whatever things she added to the sauce.

The main ingredient in the filling was this minced beef…

…that she cooked and we also added some tomato and cucumber…

…as well.

This was optional, the truffle mayonnaise…

…and yes, I did add a bit together with a sprinkling of parmesan cheese…

Before I rolled it all up, I folded one end of the wrap inwards to keep everything inside. I wouldn’t want all the filling to fall out through the open end at the bottom while I was eating it…

Yes, it was very nice and I did enjoy it very much.

I had a second one to which I added a lot more of the special sauce and left out the truffle mayo and the cheese and I thought it was not as great as the first one. I suppose every ingredient added had a part to play in bringing out the subtle differences.

Earlier this year, she also cooked us something along these same lines but with prawns, coleslaw and lettuce, all rolled up in these wraps and yes, those were very good too.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “Keep it inside…”

  1. Yes, it looks absolutely great. Definitely, I will leave out the mayonnaise too, not my choice to add in other than cheese.

    1. You liked it? There wasn’t much left so I could not really tell but the second one I had where I left it out and also the cheese, I thought that one was not as nice.

      1. Yes, I know they cost a bomb! We can’t get any here, just the oil and a bit of it here and there like in this mayonnaise.

    1. Oh? It’s the ang moh version of our popiah. I don’t mind the change but the filling would be the deciding factor. I thought the last time we had this was nicer – we had specially-cooked prawns and coleslaw.

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