Never ever ever again…

The other day, my missus had to go out for something and she came back with this BIG bunch of bananas…

They were still green at the time but they ripened so very quickly, way too fast for anyone to eat them all before they go bad.

I did blog about bananas the other day and I mentioned that I would prefer those that we call kayleng chio, not these chay gay. If I am not wrong, they call these cavendish overseas. During my growing up years, my dad would never buy these – he said that they were cold, bad for people with asthma and both my brother and I had that problem at the time.

Anyway, back to the ones my missus bought, every time I entered the kitchen, I would catch the over-ripe smell and I told her that she would have to eat them up quickly or she would end up throwing them all away.

A long long time ago, my missus used to bake the best cakes, using some special imported flour, SOFTASILK brand and Golden Churn butter, no less. I remember especially her apple sauce cake that was so very nice, her pride and joy that won the praises of all who had the opportunity to taste it. Unfortunately, one fine evening, while she was baking cookies for Chinese New Year, the oven decided to call it a day. I had to rush to the shop to buy a new one right away, a stand-up gas cooker and oven – a Zanussi Gas Burner Freestanding Cooker.

It turned out that the new one was not exactly the same – the heating in the oven was all at the bottom, no top part that could be turned on and off and the cakes my missus made using this one were far from satisfactory – the cookies turned out beautiful though! From that day onwards, she never ever baked cakes ever again.

Fast forward to the present, that day, left with no choice, she decided to bake a banana cake with those over-ripe bananas and they turned out great…

She used the Morgan mini-oven that I got in exchange for my credit card points sometime ago. We use it very frequently for this and that but no, she never tried baking cakes with it. I did try a slice and yes, it was very nice.

She also baked these banana bread buns…

…using the same oven and those turned out really good too.

In view of these successes, I suppose she may go back to baking cakes again when the festivals come around but of course, with the pandemic raging on and on like it will never ever ever end, it seems pretty obvious that there would not be anything to celebrate for a long long time to come.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “Never ever ever again…”

  1. Agree that this chay gay chio gets ripe very fast. Personally, I prefer kayleng chio to chay gay chio. I love banana cake, one of my favourite. Last time when Giant Hypermarket is still around, they used to sell this banana cake and I always buy home to enjoy. Very nice and cheap too.

    1. I loved the banana cake at Payung, different from the usual ones at the bakeries and served with ice cream…but since the auntie retired, they do not have anybody there to make it anymore so they have discontinued it. Sad that nobody bothered to learn from her before she left.

  2. I used to like Cavendish bananas but now I prefer Berangan. How sad that your missus stopped baking due to oven issues. It is true that different ovens behave differently and when you get a new one, you need time to get to know the oven. God forbid if mine breaks down! But now that she has some success with the Morgan mini-oven, she can resume baking cakes again!

    1. I suppose she will do that now. My friend did tell her once that different ovens have different needs, must use and get used to them first but no, she simply refused to bake any more cakes after that. Kesianlah the hubby, no cakes to enjoy. LOL!!!

  3. I like to eat banana cakes but hard to find good and tasty around Kuching. Sometime if I am craving, I would buy from Taka. A small piece since only me eat it at home.

    1. Taka cakes are nice but none as famous as Mita’s butter cake. I only liked Payung’s banana cake with ice cream – no more as the auntie making it retired already.

  4. These days, I buy banana from the local fruits shop because they are willing to cut the big comb of bananas into smaller portion with 4 or 5 bananas. Your missus’ banana cake looks beautiful and moist. Since the banana cake and buns turned out great, I am sure your missus will resume baking and you will get to enjoy her baking again.

    1. Unfortunately, these days, I’m on a low sugar, low carbs diet so I would have to control myself. Gone are the days when I could feast on anything I wanted and enjoy myself to the max.

      So good! Our fruit shop in the next lane would hang up the bananas, all cut into bunches and we would have to take whichever one we want – no request for any cutting whatsoever will be entertained. Sighhh!!!

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