No difference…

The other day, when I was blogging about their butter crackers that my missus bought, I received a few comments on Facebook that gave me the impression that the crackers from this brand are generally quite popular and yes, I did like those too.

Well, now that I’ve finished all of those, I proceeded to the next one, this…

Golden crackers, they are called but if there was any difference in appearance from the butter ones, I sure did not notice it.

I tried it with peanut butter and butter…

…now that I’m staying off kaya (coconut jam) and fruit jam.

I don’t know if it was purely psychological because of the names but at first bite, I was not all that impressed. I thought it was not as creamy/rich and slightly saltier, not as fragrant nor flaky. If you are someone who would like to munch on something while working on your computer, this would be a good choice – I am quite sure you will not get the crumbs all over your keyboard.

Having said that, with the peanut butter and butter and dunking it in my coffee, in all fairness, I would add that it was all right. I wouldn’t say there was no difference because I actually thought that the butter ones were nicer.

There is still another one in their range – the cream crackers but I am not getting my hopes up too high. Those would most probably be the same, more and less and my favourite would still be Hup Seng’s (Ping Pong brand)

Whatever it is, I do feel that these somewhat savoury and not really sweet crackers would anytime be better than those sugar free, artificial sweetener-sweetened cookies. Just bear in mind what someone told me once that three pieces of these crackers is equivalent to one plate of rice – like what I always say, moderation is the key!