There was bread in the house, Low GI and bacon in the freezer and we also had fruit jam in the fridge and peanut butter and bananas as well. In other words, I had all the ingredients for my favourite Elvis Presley sandwich but I decided to resist the temptation even though there isn’t really all that much sugar in it other than what’s in the jam – I can always leave that out or just apply a little bit of it only, and the bananas.

In the end, I had this…


We had fried tempura chicken nuggets with vegetable (Marina’s and yes, they were nice!) for our dinner the day before and there were some left over so I took two and sliced them in halves…

…for my sandwich. I arranged them on a bed of lettuce that I had placed on one piece of my Low GI bread that I had buttered generously.

Next, I put a few slices of sliced tomato…

…followed by one fried egg…

I made sure that the yolk was moist but not runny as I did not want the yolk dripping all over the place while I was enjoying the sandwich.

Last but not least, I added another piece of lettuce before covering the sandwich with another piece of the aforementioned bread to which I had attached a slice of mozzarella cheese…

…and putting the sandwich, thus assembled, into the oven to toast for a bit.

Once it was done, I cut it diagonally…

…and I was somewhat pleased that it looked good and of course, the best thing was that it tasted really great. I did add a bit of chili sauce while I was eating it to bring the taste to a whole new level.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “Sandwich…”

  1. Alot of wholesome goodness in that sandwich. You surely know how to make a good breakfast and pamper yourself… 😊😊. It really makes me drooling.. 🤤🤤.

    1. LOL!!! Looks good, eh? Can put many of those at the classy cafes to shame? When it comes to sandwiches, they do not bother about the presentation.

  2. The best part is you can add anything you want to your sandwich. I dont put chilli or tomato sauce to my sandwich. Mostly just butter, cheese, with green and the meat and egg. If have mustard, I will add mustard. Hubby must have it with tomato sauce. He can’t do without it. Lol. Lately he likes adding sliced cucumber (swet and tangy) sandwich stackers from Fehbergs he bought from Choice Daily in his sandwich. Maybe I will take photo of it and post in my blog one day.

    1. Oh? I sometimes add fresh cucumber slices too. Wonder what those from Choice taste like. Don’t think we have it here. We have mustard in the fridge and mayo and tomato sauce too in the house, but I did not feel like using those that morning. What I add depends on the mood for the day. LOL!!!

  3. Nothing beats home-made sandwich for sure as we always make our own as well for dinner or lunch. 😀 It can be quite hearty.

    1. I used to enjoy coconut ice cream, even the ordinary supermarket ones – Magnolia but of course, I wouldn’t be eating those anymore. Sonsss!!!

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