My day…

Sunday, the 20th of June, was the 3rd Sunday in the aforementioned month – Father’s Day. Of course, the end of the pandemic does not seem to be anywhere in sight and the lockdown is still in force here so I had no plans whatsoever for any kind of celebration.

I don’t know when my girl went out or maybe she asked the mum to buy for her when the latter went out once a week to stock up on our food rations in the house but early that morning, she gave me this very nice paper bag…

…filled with a whole lot of goodies.

There were two packets of wafers, vanilla and chocolate…

…both sugar free and three packets of shortbread and coconut cookies…

…also sugar free.

I have not opened them to try yet so I don’t know at this point in time whether these Canadian imports are any good or not but I am quite sure they are sweet from the use of artificial sweeteners, just that I haven’t the slightest idea exactly what they taste like. Whatever it is, you can expect that when I do start eating them, I shall be going a whole lot slowly, nibble nibble…a little at a time unlike before when I could finish one whole packet in a single sitting.

Well, that’s not all! My girl insisted on a little celebration so for lunch, we had this spaghetti carbonara with bacon bits, lots of them and pan-grilled slices of smoked duck breast

Yes, that was nice and this was followed by a steamboat dinner that evening but that will be in tomorrow’s post. Do stick around for that!

Author: suituapui

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17 thoughts on “My day…”

  1. I live 10 mins away from the Voortman factory; it’s pretty good😄. It also has a factory store which I try to avoid going into!

  2. Duck breast on carbonara? That is really interesting, will definitely try that. Belated Happy Fathers Day to you, here in NZ fathers day is on the 5th of September

    1. Thank you. Yes, that would be the same as in Australia.

      The smoked duck breast tastes like bacon/ham – nothing like duck. Great with pasta and salad.

  3. Wow, that’s a lot to snack on, Arthur. Daughter knows what is best for daddy, all sugar free. Though stated sugar free, I am having the same thought as you about the artificial sweeteners. Simple lunch but luxurious dinner for Father’s Day?… 😊

    1. Simple dinner too, almost tak jadi! Come back tomorrow for the whole story. LOL!!!

      I tried the coconut for breakfast this morning, two slices only – so kwai these days! Yes, they were slightly sweet and I must say they were very nice – I don’t recall having any this nice, almost as nice as my favourite coconut tarts at a bakery here but of course, I cannot eat those anymore these days. sweet.

  4. Oh! I like your Father’s Day stash of wafers. I wonder how it tastes like with artificial sweetener. Would one be able to tell the difference between this and the regular ones.

    1. I tried the coconut cookies this morning, haven’t opened the wafers yet. and I must say they were VERY nice. Watch out for my blog review, coming soon!

      They were sweet, not overly so – just sweet enough and no, I could not tell the difference. I would not have known if they did not declare it so obtrusively on the packets of their products.

  5. Quite a celebration you had there. Such thoughtful of your daughter to buy sugar-free snacks for you. 😀

    1. Yes, at least I have things to nibble. Even the somewhat savoury cream crackers, they tell me that 3 pieces is equivalent to a plate of rice.

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