Make a choice…

The other day, I tried the cup noodles from a certain brand, tom yum flavour, and I did not like it at all, not discounting the fact that it was quite expensive. Personally, if I were to make a choice and pick my favourite tom yum flavour instant noodles, I would pick the ones from the made-in-Thailand Mama Brand…

I tried the shrimp creamy flavour sometime ago, way back in February last year and I thought it was very nice and the other morning, I decided to try another one…

– the shrimp tom yum, non-creamy…

Inside, with the noodles, you will find two sachets…

…one with the powdered seasoning and the other with the tom yum paste.

I boiled some prawns in a bit of water for the stock and once done, I fished them all out before putting in the noodles and emptying the contents of the sachets into the saucepan. I also boiled an egg to go with it and once done, I poured the noodles and the soup in a bowl and served them with the prawns and the egg plus some fresh lettuce and some Korean seaweed snack, garnished with a bit of chopped spring onions from my garden…

I sat down to try right away and much to my delight, I thought it was really so very nice. I loved it!

My girl would not bother adding all the extras when she cooked hers so I guess hers would have the “original” taste and she thinks the creamy one is nicer. As for me, I love them both and anyway, if one likes this one creamy, one can always add a spoonful of santan (coconut milk) to it, no problem at all.

Author: suituapui

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16 thoughts on “Make a choice…”

  1. Your bowl of instant noodles looks tempting. As much as I like to try other brand but never have the courage to do so. If you ever find me trying out other brand it must be someone who bought them and after trying a packet or two left them lying in the pantry for me to clear out… 😁😁😁

    1. LOL!!! If that is the case, they are most probably not so nice. My girl and the mum would do that and leave the ones they do not enjoy so ,much behind – when I see them lying around, I will just eat to get them out of the way. Usually it is edible, not sensational but can eat lah.

      This Mama Brand, I wanted to try because I saw friends in KL going all the way to a restaurant there, with a lot of added ingredients, of course, and they said it was so so nice!

  2. This brand is good?? Some day tom yum noodle could be so appetizing. Your instant noodle turned out to be better than those serving outside. So many liew. Hehe

    1. I haven’t had any tom yam noodles outside that I thought was really nice. Come to think of it, I cannot really remember any place in particular that is selling it.

  3. I remember eating from Thailand brand many many years ago… remember buying one whole box back from Hatyai those days… cos tomyam is their specialty and not so much over here during those days.

    1. I have not seen many here either, lots and lots of the Korean ones! And those freshly cooked ones from the shops and stalls, even worse. Don’t remember any at all here!

    1. Ah yes!!! I have not tried a lot of tom yum instant noodles but I did try Mamee once and I liked it:

      Somethin’ else…

      I liked how it had bihun instead of mee.

      They have other flavours and other ranges that are nice too, both mee and bihun.

  4. Always had this mama noodle back in high school (the 90s) since we’re from Penang and it’s readily available at many sundry shops. Many Penangites will also travel to Hatyai and buy these too. Delicious.

    1. Oh? It has been around for so long? I didn’t know that! I only got to know about it quite recently when people over at your side kept taking about going some place to eat it, so very nice, with added ingredients.

    1. Literally too, I guess. Would need a bit of time to work on the added ingredients so not that instant after all. I do enjoy it though, that much I would say.

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