Good job…

The other day, my sister sent these…

…to my house. She did not say so specifically but she said that she bought them through a friend who got them from her friend. That sounded like they were homemade and if that was the case, I must say that I was really impressed.

The packaging…

…sure looked like they were commercially produced, something from a factory somewhere. Whatever there was that was printed on the packaging was in Mandarin and because of the colour, it was barely visible, not that I would be able to read it, anyway, had it been very clear – it was Greek to me!.

The skin…

…was very well-made, something like those of the factory-made mooncakes sold wrapped in paper in cylindrical tubes, very thin and inside, there was some kind of paste – I’m not too sure if it was mung bean but whatever it was, it was overshadowed by the meat floss…

…that made up most of the filling. There certainly was a whole lot of that.

Well, as they say, the test of the pudding is in the eating and I would say that if you love meat floss, you will love this as that is about all that you can taste, not much else. I am o.k. with meat floss so I quite enjoyed it, just that it was RM24.00 for 15, RM1.60 each and I wouldn’t say that was cheap as it was actually quite small.

Moving on from these mini-peahs, the other day, I cooked some fried rice. It had been a while since the last time I did that. My girl is not crazy about my kampung-style fried rice and lately, I noticed that when the mum ate it, for reasons unknown, she would leave all the ikan bilis by the side. That was why I tried frying it differently that day with crispy-fried bacon and thinly-sliced sausage, egg and tomato…

…and it turned out really great. The next time there is any leftover rice in the fridge, I would fry it again this same way and blog about it, step by step.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “Good job…”

  1. I love meat floss and proclaim would love this. My wild guess of having the meat floss with some mung bean paste is to hold the meat floss together from dropping when one bite into it. I like fried rice no matter what style one fried it. Is it because of uric acid that your missus is avoiding ikan bilis?

    1. I don’t think so. Her blood test results very impressive one, 100% clean…not like mine, all the coloured highlights! LOL!!!

      Now that you mention it, it is true that when I ate it, the meat floss did not fall out and drop all over the place.

  2. Those mini peah look very nice. I don’t like meat floss and would prefer any filling without it. I remember Bread Story used to put meat floss on most of their buns which explains why I am not a fan of their baked goods.

    1. I don’t mind just mung bean paste – I would prefer that actually. I’m just o.k. with meat floss and that makes me wonder why it is so popular – bakeries seem to have meat floss on all kinds of buns…and these days, it’s salted egg anything and everything. Overkill!!!

    1. Not sure where it was made, my sis said she bought from a friend who got them from a friend. Maybe they got them online, I wouldn’t know. People do that all the time these days.

    1. Yes, I thought that was an odd combination, the sweet with the savoury. It wasn’t all that sweet though and it was overshadowed by the stronger taste of the meat floss so one would hardly feel it was there.

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