Not the way it should be…

The other day, I blogged about the cup noodles that I bought. My girl tried one of them, the curry laksa and it turned out to be really very nice but of course, it did not come cheap – RM6.50 a cup.

I took the other one, the Thai tom yum

…to try and like the aforementioned, this one

…also had two sachets inside, not including the one with the noodles…

There was a big one with the sauce and a smaller one with all the dried ingredients, mainly spring onion, carrot and tang chai (preserved vegetables).

Like what I said in the other post on the curry laksa, if I were to cook it, I would add a whole lot of ingredients to bring it up to a whole new level. There were two mussels. a few slices of smoked duck breast, lightly pan-grilled, thinly-sliced strips of omelette and taugeh (bean sprouts), lightly blanched…

…and I served it garnished with a sprinkling of chopped daun sup (Chinese celery) from my garden.

Yes, I was once again impressed by the hor fun-like rice noodle, anytime nicer than bihun (rice vermicelli) but unfortunately, it was not the way it should be – not anything like tom yum as we know it. The taste was not quite like any that I had had before, very very lightly sour, perhaps with a hint of sweetness and it was not spicy at all. At best, I would say it was edible and even then, it was quite a struggle for me to finish the whole bowl.

If it is Thai tom yum that you are looking for, I would strongly suggest the more authentic ones from the made-in-Thailand Mama brand. I’ve had a few packets so far and I would say theirs is as good as it can be. There may be some nice made-in-Malaysia ones but I have never tried those so I can’t say if there are any good ones worth going for or not.

Author: suituapui

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11 thoughts on “Not the way it should be…”

  1. Other than our local instant noodles, I seldom buy any other type of instant noodles to try unless bought by son and left lying idle in the pantry for me to clear. I am some sort like Trienkens as I told my son. ..😁😁😁

    1. Waste collection in Kuching reduced to once a week only wor!!! I read that in the news – some workers tested positive. I hope that does not happen here or I shall have to take our rubbish to some public “REFUSE BIN CENTRE” and throw away.

      I seldom buy too…other than this one because when I saw it, I thought the box was very nice. Usually, I will just buy Mee Daddy because no one in the house likes it and so they will not buy. I will also buy one of those Indon mi goreng – cheap and nice.

      The ladies will buy all kinds of instant noodles, a lot Korean and I’m like you – sometimes I see some sitting there for too long – obviously not nice, I would just cook and eat to get them out of the way.

  2. I still have few noodle cups left. China made. Dont think we will be buying anymore when hubby and I go for grocery shopping later.

    1. Any that you think is very very nice and I should go and buy and try?

      We just stock up on noodles and everything so if we do not go out for a long long time, we need not worry about having nothing to eat. Father’s Day this Sunday (tomorrow)? Going to buy anything special to cook up a storm for your children’s father? LOL!!!

  3. Wow! The addition of smoked duck breast and mussels make the instant noodles so high class! Pity that the tom yum taste was disappointing.

    1. Yes, it was just like all those so-called curry flavour instant noodles that do not taste one bit like curry as we know it. So disappointing!

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