That day, when I was blogging about Marina’s frozen products, my friend, Rose, in Kuching commented that she liked their canned sardines but had never noticed their meatballs anywhere and another Kuching friend, Irene, said that she used to buy the sardines but even though she did see the beef balls somewhere, she never bought them to try.

Rose commented again later saying that she bought the fish nuggets…

…before but she never got to try as her kids ate up all of them. LOL!!! Well, I’m not in the least surprised – my girl loves them too…a lot!

Well, we had a packet in the freezer and we had been frying them to enjoy, a few at a time and last Friday, there were a few of them…

…left and my girl asked the mum to fry all of them to finish off the packet.

I don’t know what fish they use…

…and I did not bother scanning through the fine print to see if they mentioned it at the back of the pack or not.

The nuggets are all coated with breadcrumbs so you can fry them till they all turn a lovely golden brown…

…and yes, I would say they taste great, nice and crumbly/crispy on the outside from the deep fried bread crumbs, with a natural fish texture on the inside…

…and the best part, of course, would be how there is no offensive fishy smell, none at all.

There weren’t that many left that day so we took one of the small or chio/ikan bawal hitam/black pomfret that I bought from my favourite fish & seafood stall to keep in our freezer and my missus cooked it, upon my girl’s request, served with sweet and sour sauce…

Needless to say, we loved it!

I don’t think there is any of those Marina’s frozen products left in our freezer but of course, should we happen to see any in the supermarkets, we certainly would grab some more to stock up and enjoy slowly.

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11 thoughts on “Nuggets…”

  1. Ok. I better stock up these fish nuggets. Haha. I never run out of chicken nuggets, but seldom buy fish nuggets. I will look out for the meatballs when go grocery shopping this weekend.

    1. Wise choice, this brand. Another good one you should look out for is Pacific West.

      Others are like the fish fillet in McD’s fish burger, no fish texture, not like Sugar Bun’s, not nice at all. I never bother to buy those.

  2. Will on the look out for this fish nuggets during the next grocery shopping. My son usually buy Ayamas Chicken Nuggets which I do enjoy. Love the sweet and sour sauce fish. I would recommend you this brand Mahsuri 3 rasa spicy sweet and sour sauce if you are going to cook sweet and sour fish next time. Real good.

    1. Oh? Never heard of Mahsuri – will look out for it.

      Not sure what brand the chicken nuggets my missus buys. Seem ok, unlike the fish – the texture of the fish is like rubber, not quite like fish. Like McD’s fish fillet, not like Sugar Bun’s.

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