Never saw them before…

Two days before the so-called full lockdown here in Sarawak, after they had made the announcement of the date but nothing much else so we did not know exactly how “full” the lockdown would be, my missus was kind of worried as we had not been buying a lot of things to keep in the house. Most of the time, we would just buy from the neighbourhood shops in the next lane from my house and sometimes, my missus might venture a little bit further away to the bigger supermarkets for things not available around here.

That was why she went out that afternoon and came back with boxes and boxes of stuff. Well, it turned out that things would be pretty much the same as usual, no need to panic – we can still go out and buy whatever we want/need but she did say that when she was done and was about to come home, she noticed a lot of people creeping out of the woodworks and heading to the shops too. Great minds think alike, I guess?

Anyway, that day, from one of the boxes, I picked out this…

…to try. I don’t know if this is new or perhaps it has been around but I never bothered to pay much attention to what is on the shelves. Everytime I felt like having cream crackers, I would just grab a pack or two of these…

…my favourite, and go.

As far as Julie’s products were concerned, I love their cheese crackers, plain and their peanut sandwich so I would buy those sometimes – I’m not a fan of their cheese sandwich. Their cheese crackers come in handy when I am making meat balls or bergedil – I would crush a few pieces and add to the mixture together with an egg to serve as a binding agent and sometimes, I would coat them with the crushed cheese crackers in place of bread crumbs. I guess these (cream) crackers may be used for this same purpose.

I took a few pieces of these “butter crackers”…

…to try with butter and peanut butter…

…and also with kaya (coconut jam). I thought it was all right, nothing to get excited about, nothing to make it stand out from the rest.

However, one morning, for want of something to eat, I took out a slice from the airtight container and started eating it just like that, nothing added and I was pleasantly surprised that it was very nice, not as flaky and crispy nor as oily/creamy as Hup Seng’s but good enough and I particularly loved how it was refreshingly light, not sweet, not salty, just right. I suppose when I added peanut butter or kaya with a whole lot of butter, they drowned out the beauty of this very light and pleasant taste of the cracker.

There are still two packs of Julie’s crackers in one of the boxes, their cream crackers and their “golden crackers”. I will certainly give those a try and will blog about them if there is anything that makes them stand a head above the rest, like these butter ones.

KIM TAK CO. is located along Jalan Ruby to the right of that same block of shops as LOUIS BAKERY LW.Pattisserie (2.316411, 111.839847) and Ah Kau Cafe.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “Never saw them before…”

  1. Julie’s and Munchy’s cream crackers are my favourite brand. I prefer to eat cream crackers on its own but sometimes for a change, I will have them with peanut spread only. One thing good about this Munchy’s cream crackers is that they are packed individually in small packet which is very convenient.

  2. I like cream cracker with Milo. Sometimes spread peanut butter on it.

    Julie’s brand, I like cheese while hubby goes for peanut butter. Kids prefer cheese like me.

    No full lockdown, everyone still going with their business except some shops have to close.

    1. Yalor!!! All that fuss about nothing…and the Gawai clusters are beginning to appear, all the longhouses!!! Hopefully, no case like the Pasai Siong one, the whole state kena! So terrible!!!

      Oh? Looks like your hubby and I are outnumbered. I’m like him, prefer the peanut sandwich crackers.

  3. I seldom eat biscuits unless there is no snacks in the house… but I do buy one or two packets to keep, just in case. I like them with kaya anytime or eat them plain, never with butter before.

  4. My family and I still eat the Hup Seng crackers. Nothing seems to be able to dethrone them after all these years.

    1. Yes, my favourite too but somehow my missus does not seem to like those. She likes Jacob’s – I think there is a tin in the big box – she bought one.

    1. It has been extended till the end of the month. I really wonder – after all this time, it does not seem to be getting any better so what makes them think things will change…miraculously? Stupid is as stupid does!

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