The other day, my missus cooked some frozen meat balls in ragù sauce and we had them with rice for dinner. It was nice but I was thinking that those would be a lot nicer served with pasta.

That was why the next day seeing how there were still quite a lot left, she boiled some linguine, tossed it well with the sauce and served with the meat balls and a generous sprinkling of parmesan cheese…

Yes, it was really very nice and if you are wondering what meat balls those were, they were actually beef balls, Marina Brand

I must say that I quite like their products.

For their beef balls, they use lean meat and they are not so firm or in other words, they do not have much of that QQ fish ball texture so one can still get a bit of the texture of minced meat plus they do not have any offensive smell – many of those frozen meat balls, pork or beef, have a very strong smell, so strong that when I taste that in the ones in my chap chap (mixed) soup at the noodles stall, I would just leave them by the side, uneaten.

These are definitely much nicer than buying the frozen minced beef and making your own owing to the amount of fat. My missus tried that once to cook bakso and there was so much oil in the soup that it was quite inedible and we had to throw it all away.

Their Salisbury beef (beef patties) are also very nice. We had those…

…for our Christmas dinner a long time ago, 2012.

Unfortunately, other than their sardines…

…(my favourite – my missus prefers Ayam) and perhaps, their baked beans in tomato sauce, their products are not that well marketed, not so easily available here.

My missus bought these beef balls at the supermarket round the corner from my house. With the current lockdown, I don’t know when we will drop by there again – not so soon, I guess but when we do and should we see any of their frozen products still available, we would definitely want to grab them to stock up and keep in our freezer to enjoy whenever we feel like it.

DELTA – THE MARKETPLACE (2.311968, 111.847043) is located in the basement of the Delta Mall, Taman Seduan 8, Jalan Dr Wong Soon Kai (formerly Jalan Pedada).

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13 thoughts on “Marina…”

  1. I used to buy canned sardines for making sardine sandwich or cooked with big onions as a dish. So easy and hassle free but those were the days and for some reason, I have now quit buying canned sardines. I have seen the Marina beef balls but never bought, scare got smell.

    1. It’s all right, no smell, not like those beef or pork balls they use for the chap chap soup at some of the noodle stalls and the thing is it is not beef or pork smell, some peculiar chemical smell – maybe the artificial seasoning or preservatives used.

      We still buy canned sardines but we just keep in the pantry, hardly ever open to eat. No point eating those when we can easily get fresh fish here.

    1. Not necessarily. I guess if you can get good beef, they may be very nice.

      I find all the frozen minced beef way too fat – when frozen, you can see it is white instead of red. We used that to make meat balls and all the oil came out into the soup, so much that we had to throw it all away…and that brings us to the next problem here – we can’t get fresh beef here, all frozen ones.
      I’m sure it is not like that in Malacca.

  2. I like Marina sardines. Never notice their meatballs. Will check the frozen section the next round I go shopping. My man would enjoy this with spaghetti. He bought some spaghetti and Prego sauce, expecting me to make beef meatballs from scratch. Hehe.

    1. These Marina beef balls are good, nicer than making our own with the super fat frozen minced beef. You can try their Salisbury beef too, also nice…and their fish nuggets as well. Not that widely available here though, dunno Kuching.

      1. I bought their nugget once. Cant remember the taste as mostly went into kids’ tummies.

        We can find Marina sardines everywhere here. The frozen nuggets too. Not sure about the meatballs as I dont look through beef section often. Thanks for your recommendation.

      2. I’ve a post on the fish nuggets coming up real soon.

        Hope you will come across the beef balls one of these days. According to Irene, she did see them in Kuching.

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