When we were young…

If you go to a coffee shop here and order a toast, you will get a toasted plain/white sandwich bread with Yeo’s kaya (coconut jam) and Planta margarine which is not quite to my liking. I prefer butter, real butter not those supposedly-butter spread wannabes, and nyonya kaya

…but there are people who would rather go for the aforementioned as anything else will not be the same as what they had enjoyed so much when they were young, together with two half-boiled eggs and a cup of fragrant local coffee, kao kao (strong).

I have a friend here in Sibu, a foodie who posts photographs of things that he eats every day on Instagram and Facebook and the other day, he shared one of a toast that he had with butter, peanut butter and kaya

…and that seemed to arouse quite a bit of excitement. His sisters, no longer residing in Sibu, started commenting as they recalled how they enjoyed that…

…during their growing up years when they were young. Gee!!! I never had toast like that before.

Yes, I had it with butter, peanut butter and jam…

…which was nice too – throw in some bananas and bacon and you will get that celebrated awesomely delicious Elvis Presley sandwich.

I don’t know if it was the kaya that I used but I felt that the peanut butter drowned out its taste altogether. In the case of the jam, I could still taste a bit of it above the stronger peanut butter flavour. Well, at least I’ve tried but since I am cutting down on my intake of sugar these days, I shall stick to peanut butter (and butter) alone on my toast…

…no kaya, no jam but even this is not entirely sugar free as there are carbs in that slice of bread and there is sugar in the ingredients for peanut butter. I will just have to confine myself to a slice or two once in a long while.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “When we were young…”

    1. I’m o.k. with jam but we seldom go out to buy. That bottle was left over from what my missus bought to make her cookies for Chinese New Year, so long ago – still some left – nobody eating. I will eat sometimes at a hotel buffet breakfast but I prefer to make my own sandwiches with the egg, the sausages, the bacon. Much nicer.

    1. I would prefer a chocolate spread instead. 🙂

      Oh? You’re so canggih! I wonder when chocolate spread first came about. We sure did not have that in my growing up years. We were so deprived!

  1. I like peanut butter with kaya (like the one I tasted in Kapit last December). But kaya and butter anytime for me.

  2. Wow..so buttery… peanut butter plus butter! I bought a bottle of Gruber jam yesterday, er.. not really my taste.. now I dont know what to do with it… sugar free grapes jam… I guess I have to add another spread to kill the taste… hahaha..

  3. In order to prevent blood sugar spikes, u could consume Low Gi breads in Aroma Bakery available every monday, wednesday & saturday , they have two types of Low Gi bread, just plain low gi bread and the other type is with nuts, etc (less pieces and more expansive); this bakery also have sourdough bread every tuesday only. Sourdough bread doesn’t cause raise in blood sugar fast. You could avoid eating too much kampua mee, noodles made from plain flour which has high carbohydrates, the main culprit beside sugar which would raise blood sugar. Try to avoid white rice too.

    1. Thanks for the advice. Dropped by Aroma a couple of times, the low GI bread always sold out and the boss did not say when it would be available. I don’t think I’m into the ones with nuts or sourdough. Yes, I’ve cut down on noodles and will eat very little rice now, not like before…and no cakes, no sweet cookies, none of those. So far I’m doing o.k. praise the Lord.

  4. Nyum! I haven’t had kaya for ages! I remember toast with kaya and butter, it is so wonderful 🙂 I have never had kaya with peanut butter though.

  5. It brings back childhood memories. Last time as kids, we would dip our fingers into the peanut butter or kaya and lick our fingers to taste it. I still like my toast with kaya and butter, seldom eat peanut butter nowadays as very heaty, lol. Not really a fan of jam though. If really need to choose, I would choose pineapple jam over strawberry or blueberry jam.

    1. I’m not crazy over any jam but don’t mind pineapple in pineapple tarts. Can buy bottled pineapple jam spread? Don’t recall seeing any. Many cannot eat peanut and peanut butter owing to allergy plus it should be high in uric acid too. High protein.

    1. So you don’t mind kaya and butter, not kaya alone? My missus is not a fan of butter so she’ll have kaya or peanut butter or jam, no butter. To each his/her own!

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