I’m not getting excited…

So far, we only enjoyed his crispy prawn and chili sambal. My girl quite liked his lamb curry but I was not really impressed and all of us agreed that the ayam masak merah was at best, just all right but not anything like the real thing.

That left us with just one more thing that I bought from the guy that we had not tried yet – his kapitan chicken curry (RM45.00)…

That day, I took it out of the freezer…

…to defrost and later, my missus heated it up for our lunch.

Yes, it tasted pretty good…

…something like what they call the ayam berlada

…at the Malay food stall at Bandong Walk but I would say that those people there do a much better job at cooking this dish.

My missus cooks it…

…too sometimes so I would not say that it was anything to get me excited . After all, we have had something like it before and time and time again so to us, it really wasn’t anything special.

I have not tried his chicken rendang but looking at how things have turned out with what I have bought from the guy so far, I probably will just give it a miss.

COLOURFUL CAFE (2.316673, 111.837539) is located in the Renew4U building at the junction of Brooke Drive and Lorong Kwong Ann 8, across the road from the Church of Jesus  Christ of the Latter Day Saints.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “I’m not getting excited…”

  1. I think the best is still using A1 Mountain Globe Brand curry paste to cook our own chicken curry. Chicken rendang sounds good. Who knows surprisingly it might turn out nice… 😊😊😊

    1. My friend went and bought the rendang – she said it was good. Yes, A1 Mountain Globe curry paste is the best, so convenient and so very nice. I’ve never managed to get the rendang to taste like rendang though – turned out like a curry with a bit of difference, nice also.

  2. Once in a while I will buy cooked meats from stalls and keep for future consumption. When I dont have much times during weekdays, I will use it up.

    Tried Kapitan chicken curry before. Alright to me but it did not get me excited to crave for it.

    1. Oh? So generally, it is not one dish to get excited about then. I do like the ones at the Malay stalls that seem similar but they do not call it by this same name. I might have it at some restaurant before but since I do not remember exactly, I guess it did not sweep me off my feet.

    1. It should be easily available where you are. It is marketed as far as Australia, can get it there at the Asian shops. I’ve tried quite a few, only this one is really good. No turning back since.

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