Used to love…

My missus used to love this…

…a lot, rated as No. 1 in Singapore…

Those days when she was still working, she would buy a can and take to work to eat with rice or porridge during her lunch or dinner breaks. I never had that during our growing up years.

I remember enjoying Ma Ling luncheon meat a lot and we also had their stewed pork too though I was not too crazy about all that fat in the slices of pork belly, even at that young age. Another China product that we ate would be their Great Wall corned beef. Those are still available at the shops and supermarkets but the quality has deteriorated so much that they are all quite inedible. Some people say those are the imitations but I haven’t the slightest idea how to tell one from the other so the only solution would be to stop buying them completely.

Perhaps, because of the aforementioned reason, they saw it fitting to attach a sticker as a declaration of its authenticity…

…and goodness gracious me!!! Do you see the price tag? RM8.80 for that little can!!! If I had noticed that when I bought the can, I probably would have put it back on the shelves.

I only had one piece of bihun left so I was thinking that perhaps, I could use half a can and save the other half for another day. However, there wasn’t much in the can…

…so I decided to use all of it and be done with it. There were three cubes that were all fat so I picked those out and threw them away – that would be around RM1.00, I guess…considering the price of a can!

I poured the sauce onto the bihun, pre-soaked in hot water to soften and mixed them well. It turned out that it was all oil, no sauce. I fried some garlic, peeled and chopped, in a bit of oil before adding some sliced fresh chili and chopped daun sup (Chinese celery) after which, in went the meat followed by the bihun. I did add a pinch of salt as I felt it was not salty and when I had mixed everything well, I added two eggs and once cooked, I dished it all out and served…

…garnished with some chopped spring onion from my garden.

All in all, I would say it was nice but personally, I prefer the ones fried with those canned clams in soya sauce or the canned stewed pork chops and considering the amount of money I had to fork out for that little can, I guess I shall not be buying it to cook my bihun this way again.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “Used to love…”

  1. Yes, it was that expensive these days. I was shocked too the other day when I saw the price. Like your missus I used to love it a lot and will always keep a tin or two in the pantry. I never used it in my fried bihun but will have it on its own with plain white rice and it goes absolutely well. From the look of your bihun it looks great.

    1. I think I first tried this used to cook bihun when my missus cooked it this way and it tasted really good. A restaurant here stocks up on a lot of cans for people eating porridge – the lady boss says some people may ask for it. I wonder how much she charges, definitely more than RM8.80.

    1. For us, SPAM was the last resort when we fell out of love with Ma Ling and we did not have anything else. Meanwhile, other brands start to appear, A LOT cheaper and yes, VERY MUCH nicer.

  2. I only like the pork cubes in my fried mee hoon, like how my mum cooks it. Nice to go with white porridge too. I tried cooked mee hoon with the canned clams but my family did not like it. They like with the pork cubes more.

    1. Oh? They did not like it?

      I wonder if they start selling this at the stalls whether it will be a big hit like the one with canned clams or not. But then again, at RM8.80 a can, I don’t think they can make a lot of profit. If they just put a little bit, they will not be able to get much of the taste in the bihun.

  3. I am with Lucy. I love this a lot. And I can just eat it with hot steam rice. The other day I just had to ask my mum to sent me some since I can’t find any here.

  4. I haven’t tried this can of pork before to fry mihun. Maybe one day I should get one to try frying with it and see how it taste like!

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