I don’t know where my missus went and bought some sweet basil leaves, probably one of those 100% organic hydroponic vegetables that we see a lot at the supermarkets and shops these days and I cannot remember how she cooked it! I asked my girl and she could not remember too. Gee! It must be pretty unimpressive! LOL!!! In the end, we asked her and believe it or not, she too cannot remember. Gosh!!!

I do recall her saving the stems though – she let them stand in a glass of water by the kitchen sink till the roots had sprouted and then she planted them. It grew and grew…

…so big! I don’t think the ones she bought were this huge. I shared a photograph on Facebook and somebody commented that the soil must be very fertile. It looks like she does fertilise her plants, dunno what she uses and she adds some enzyme that she makes too – I think I saw her spraying the leaves.

The plant has flowered and she has cut those stalks with the flowers to replant and yes, they seem to be growing quite well at this point in time. Perhaps we would have quite a lot to enjoy soon.

My girl did take some of the leaves to make this sweet basil pesto…

…with lots of cheese and crushed cashew nuts and dunno what else.

She did use it when she made her seafood pizza

…that day and on another day, she had it with the pasta…

…that she cooked.

She seemed to enjoy it very much but personally, I do not think this is something up my alley. As in the case of the pizza, I probably would enjoy it if there had been ham or bacon in the pasta.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “Pesto…”

  1. At first glance, I thought it was bayam plant with such huge leaves. If given a choice, seafood pizza for me anytime.

    1. The fragrance is the same, but lighter…and holy basil too, just that it is even lighter. All in the family. I just did not like the texture of the leaves – maybe the ones my missus picked were too old.

  2. Didn’t know u can use cashew nuts instead of pine nuts, I have some weird allergic reaction to certain pine nuts and that has kept me away from pesto for a while now.

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