I had to go some place that morning as there was something I had to attend to and my girl had some professional matters to settle in school so I said I would drop her off there at around 9.00 a.m. and pick her up later.

I was still caught up with what I had to do when she sent word that she might need more time as there were some complications and I replied her, telling her that I might take longer than expected too so it was perfectly all right. It turned out that I could not reach an agreement over the matter so I decided to take my business elsewhere and settle it there on more favourable terms as far as I was concerned. Everything worked out well in the end and by the time, I was done, it was already 11.30 a.m.

My missus had a routine appointment with the doctor at the polyclinic that same morning so she announced that she would not be cooking lunch and asked us to take care of ourselves. That was why I decided to go to this outlet of our Sarawak’s own fast food franchise at the other end of the block of shops where I was at that point in time to buy two lunch sets…

…for my girl and I.

Each set comprised one fish fillet, the New Zealand hoki

…one fried chicken – I chose the spicy…

…their very nice savoury rice…

…and some cucumber pickle.

Actually, for the piece of broasted chicken, the girl asked if I wanted the original or the spicy and I wanted the former and she said that in that case, I would have to wait. I changed my mind instantly and asked for the spicy instead – they had two pieces available then.

I must say that I enjoyed the chicken very much especially considering that not only was it not oily, it was not fat as well unlike the ones at Colonel Sanders’ where it may be dripping in oil and you may be able to see the layers of yellow fat under the skin. The fish fillet here is everybody’s favourite but lately, everyone has been grumbling that the slice has been shrinking, getting smaller by the day. It did come with a bit of mayo and a wedge of lime though.

The lunch set…

…sure did not come cheap though. I remember seeing the price on the menu – RM10.50 per set but obviously, I saw wrongly or maybe that was the one with the fish fillet but without the chicken – it was RM29.60 for two, RM14.80 each, RM31.40 altogether with the 6% SST added.

Looking on the bright side, however, it was very fast and convenient – just order, pay and take that home to sit down and enjoy and yes, I would say that we did enjoy it very much.

SUGAR BUN@PEDADA, the Delta Mall outlet (2.310929, 111.846391), is located facing Jalan Pedada, now Jalan Datuk Wong Soon Kai, in the block of shops on the left – ASTRO Sibu is the first shop in the block on the right.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “Busy…”

  1. This is my favourite, anytime better than KFC if I would say. It reminds me of their deep tilapia fish which I like most.

  2. I always opt for original but somehow they always full of spicy chicken available. The nearest branch in emart has closed recently and Chicago7 took over the spot. If craving for it, I will order from Foodpanda which either take order from Aeon Mall or Everrise 4 1/2 Miles.

    1. We have Chicago 7 here – Kuching people say it is a lot nicer even though they are selling more or less the same things, like Sugar Bun and Frosty Boy last time. We have an outlet here but I have not gone to check it out, not when it is directly opposite that hotel with the most number of cases under quarantine. Best to stay far far away!!!

    1. Not a lot of people there, I hope. A friend just shared a photograph of the sole McD outlet here – so many people, what a long queue and so many cars, all illegally parked outside…like they are giving out everything for free. So stupid, taking the risk of being infected, not that it is so very nice…and it is not even cheap some more!!!

  3. Thats a good set menu, also nice to see NZ Hoki in that meal. Its quite common here on Fish and Chips as they are the most abundant I guess making it a cheaper kind of fish compared to Snapper.

    1. Here, we are thankful we can get hoki. Elsewhere, it is all dory…and dunno where that comes from, not NZ, that’s for sure – either bland, quite tasteless…or worse, jelly-like and has a smell.

    1. They’re a bit broader to be fingers. We do have some good frozen fish fingers at the supermarkets, imported. We do buy those, will fry and eat when there isn’t much in the house.

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