Don’t go there…

The other morning, my good friend/ex-classmate, Robert and his wife, Angela, stopped by my house to pass me these…

He knows that I love them very much and he thinks these are really very nice so he would like me to try.

According to him, they were made by a lady who would only make a few packs a day and leave them for sale at the central market in town. I don’t know where he got them from as the market is currently closed after some COVID-19 cases were discovered there sometime ago.

Well, one look at them…

…told me that the skin was so very thin and so translucent, almost transparent so they must be very good.

The shape reminded me of the ones I bought a couple of times at a bakery here

…but I have not gone there for a very long time. For one thing, it is in the town centre and I seldom venture there – I prefer to stick around places around my neighbourhood only and other than that, I saw the name a number of times in the daily list of places that COVID-19 positive cases had been to – to me, those venues are best avoided. I sure would not want to go there. Anyway, word has it that they are no longer available there anymore.

I tried the ones that Robert gave me…

…and I felt that the two were quite different. I could feel the difference in the skin, no prize for guessing which was nicer. As for the filling, this tasted like what one would find in those chai pao (steamed vegetable dumpling) – the filling in the ones from the bakery was more meaty. Whatever it is, I would say that I enjoyed them both – both are nice.

Thank you so much, Robert and Angela, for the thought and for buying me these…and sending them all the way to my house to give to me. Much obliged, indeed!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “Don’t go there…”

  1. These has always been my favourites, with or w/o meat. Most important is the skin. Unlike some when just out from the steamer it is so soft and when kept for a longer time, the skin becomes tough and hard.

  2. Thinner skin, fresh filling, then it would be nice. Reminded me of the famous Siburan Hakka chai kueh. They use thinner skin for their kueh. Long time did not have that.

    1. Siburan? Never been there but saw a lot of people sharing about the night attractions there. I guess at a time like this, going there…or anywhere for that matter is out of the question. Sad.

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