Not in the same way…

Another thing that has been in the pantry for quite some time would be this Korean luncheon meat…

…and canned ham, going all the way back to January when I blogged about them.

The other day, I felt like having that so I opened a can and sliced the meat into small pieces like this…

In the meantime, I got the other ingredients…

…ready – a Bombay onion, peeled and sliced, one chili, seeds removed and also sliced and a sprig of curry leaves.

I fried the pieces of luncheon meat in a pan, no oil added as I like it a bit crusty (and a darker shade of red in colour)…

…on the outside.

In the meantime, some of the fat in the meat would melt and you would see it collecting in the pan and when cooking luncheon meat and corned beef, I would usually go on cooking using that bit of oil instead of adding some more.

I just threw in the Bombay onion, fried that for a bit before adding the chili and the curry leaves followed by the luncheon meat. Lastly, I added an egg and dished it all out once it was done…

This worked very well with my favourite brand of luncheon meat but with this Korean one, though it tasted all right, not as salty, the meat turned out a bit too firm and not quite to my liking. Probably there wasn’t that much fat and the meat became like that once the little there was in it had melted. I must remember when I cook the other cans in the pantry not to make this mistake and cook them in this same way.

Talking about my favourite brand, I have had feedback from people that they do prefer that Danish one to these Korean ones because it has a stronger luncheon meat fragrance. I suppose that may be because of the higher fat content and anyway, that one is a whole lot cheaper.

Author: suituapui

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8 thoughts on “Not in the same way…”

  1. I personally prefer the Korean one…perhaps because it is saltier. 😀

    On the contrary, many prefer these Korean ones because they are not so salty. I guess they are not so fat too.

  2. I only go for this Denmark brand luncheon meat, not any other Korean or whatever brand. Usually I will cut it into more tiny bits and fried the same way like yours but minus the curry leaves. Nice to eat on its own and best for fried rice too.

    I do use for frying rice too sometimes…or for making sandwiches.

  3. Oh! That looks so good! I have yet to try the Korean luncheon meat. I have a can of the China one and I want to try cooking it like you did.

    China? Not Ma Ling, I hope. Mushy, all fat and smelly – they say that is the imitation but no way of telling which are the genuine ones. GuLong was all right once but I hear there are imitations too now. That is why I never buy anything from China now.

  4. My vote for the Danish brand. Never short of it in my pantry. I like frying it with big onion and curry leaves, no egg added in.

  5. For me I prefer SPAM over others, I think we got so used to it because of the Americans in the Philippines

    I used to buy SPAM when we did not have any choice here. Not as nice as what we have these days and VERY VERY VERY expensive. I would not even consider buying, no9t at those prices.

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