Just a little bit salty…

That day, my in-laws dropped by my house and passed to us a bag of steamed paos…

There were the ones with meat (RM2.20, up by 10 sen now)…

…that had a bit of egg inside and also, the vegetable ones (RM0.60)…

The skin was really good and both tasted really great but were a tad too salty. I would have loved them a lot more if they had cut down a bit on the salt and the msg.

My missus did not ask where they got them from but eventually, she did manage to find out for me. They turned out to be the Hua Kiew Road ones from here that I did buy to try more than once before just that I do not recall theirs being so salty. Perhaps we caught them on a bad day.

Incidentally, they do not open their shop till noon or later and at times, you will see the door ajar, just open a bit at the bottom like it is not open for business. Just go to the back of the shop right behind the block – that is what they tell me. You can buy your buns from them there.

HONG CHENG BREAD HOUSE (2.291838, 111.838213) is located among the block of shops to the right of the junction of Jalan Tong San and Lorong Langsat if you are coming via the latter from the roundabout at Jalan Pedada near Rejang Medical Centre.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

4 thoughts on “Just a little bit salty…”

  1. Perhaps they were “sad” when you bought their salty pau the other day. 😀

    Happens to the best of us – some days, things may not go our way.

  2. Here seldom see people selling vegetable paos, mostly meat and char siu only. Did your missus and Melissa thought it was that salty too?

    My girl did complain too. Or maybe they did not mix the filling well so my missus had one that was o.k. or not too bad. Vegetable paos are very popular here but most would have cabbage and carrot and a bit of salted vegetables – I only know this one and an old lady at the central market that have vegetable paos with long beans.

  3. I love bak pao. It is very convenient to have a few in the freezer so that can eat anytime.

    Yes, I usually will buy a few to keep. Convenient to steam in the morning and enjoy for breakfast.

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