I cannot remember…

The other day, my missus came home from her once-a-week outing to stock up on food and supplies in the house and she bought these…

…for my girl to give to her friend for Hari Raya.

I love the sarong/batik designs…

…but I’m not fond of the fact that they’re plastic even though it is of much better quality, not like those single-use ones that are often used for takeaways. I asked her how much they cost each but she said she could not remember. She said they were over RM10.00 each, just that she was not sure how much she paid for them exactly.

If you want the complete set, there are four colours altogether but I guess it will take your friend a very long time to finish all that Kit Kat especially when he or she is not holding an open house and has to eat it all himself or herself. If only, they had given a choice of flavours – I wouldn’t mind having some matcha ones besides the regular chocolate.

Never mind, as they say it’s the thought that counts. This would be nice for something to munch while watching TV or something or one can take it to the office to share with one’s friends. At a time like this, I guess most folks would not be in the mood to celebrate.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

5 thoughts on “I cannot remember…”

  1. Nice to give it as a gift. If possible I would love to collect the complete set of 4 colours. There are only 15 packs in one container, not much.

    60 wor! If eating it all by yourself, that is a lot especially for a very small family like mine. If sharing with friends and colleagues, then it is all right.

  2. Not a fam of KitKat. I think they are too sweet for me. Hehe. But I agreed that it has nice design. Nice gift for this coming Raya.

    I’m not into Kit Kat either. At one time, I liked the matcha ones from Japan though I am not really into anything matcha. That one is not so sweet. When Krispy first came out, I loved it so much, the one with the rice baubles. Dunno if they still make those.

  3. I can finish those Kit Kats very fast! LOL! I didn’t know they have this packaging as I have not seen them over here. Maybe I will look out for it when I go shopping.

    You can? Aiyor!!! Have you checked your blood sugar level or not? LOL!!! Mine is ok, around 6-7, some days may go a little bit higher. Gotta watch what I eat. Sobsss!!!

  4. But I believe the plastic that we have got is way more durable and more convenient…and not to mention light for storage. 🙂

    It depends on the quality of the plastic. Some should not be used for storing food, hot food especially,, some may be all right. Best to avoid using plastic altogether. Bad for the environment too!

  5. They are bright and cheery colours. Great for gifts.

    Yes, they are pretty. Great for serving cakes at open houses – too bad there will not be any because of the pandemic..

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