My sister loves the steamed paos from this shop but she says that she will have to go early. They will be sold out by around 9.30 a.m.

These days, she goes there to buy these…

…special chu nu miang, the celebrated kompia‘s sidekick, with a very generous topping of sesame seeds. However, these are available from 9.30 a.m. onwards only.

The best thing about it is that the special addition is at no extra charge – they also sell them at 3 for RM1.00, the same price as the plain ones, often a bit smaller and at times, not all that round, at the regular kompia shops.

I am not fond of going to that rather congested part of the town centre as parking can be such a pain. You can drive round and round for hours and still will not find a vacant space. I did hear, however, that with the rising number of COVID-19 cases here in Sibu and the town centre is one of the high risk zones, it may be a bit easier as in general, people are staying home more and are quite reluctant to venture out anywhere. So will I be heading that way anytime soon? I’m afraid the answer is no – I’d stick steadfastly to that recommended #staysafe #staywell #stayhome practice.

As a matter of fact, I don’t mind paying a lot more for these…

…from that Sibu franchise. They are available at that neighbourhood shop round the corner that I frequent at a whopping 6 for RM3.60 – 60 sen each, around DOUBLE the price. They used to sell them at 4 for RM2.00, 50 sen each but what hasn’t gone up in price these days (Incidentally, salted egg is now RM1.10 each, up from RM1.00 formerly.)?

They are more or less the same size…

…a little rounder and a bit thicker perhaps and personally, I find the cushiony texture softer and nicer and I prefer the taste too.

Well, at the end of the day, I would rather go to the next lane to grab those more expensive ones than to venture into the high risk zone in the town centre where there is the possibility that I may not be able to find a place to park the car that easily plus parking is NOT free.

I’ve also heard about the ones here but I think theirs would appeal more to the young and trendy. They look a bit too sweet for old folks like me and besides, the cluster in that part of town (the Malay kampung) is currently still active, best avoided. Maybe I’ll drop by if/when things get better.

Huong Hiong Confectionary 芳香(詩巫)餅家 is located off Jalan Bengkel, beside Victoria Inn on one side and the circular building (the SEDC Medan Niaga Tanahmas) that houses all the Malay stalls on the other, to the right of the New Capital Restaurant.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Seeds…”

  1. If I am not wrong, chu nu miang can be eaten as it is, taste a bit sweet whereas for kompia it is tasteless but I like it when stuffed with minced meat which nowadays are in trend and people are selling it for RM1.20 per piece. I like kosong kompia toasted and spread with peanut butter, extremely nice. Now even “you tiaw” are not spared, people stuffed them with kaya and whatever.

    We can’t get good you tiao aka yew char koi here, the authentic ones like the ones we grew up eating. Most stalls here run by Malays, the texture of their cakoi is completely out – totally not the same. I would not waste my time with those.

    Yes, chu nu miang is slightly sweet, good to eat it on its own. Kompia is the fragrant, savoury but quite bland one, best toasted or deep fried served with meat inside. Long ago, was 90 sen a piece, dunno now.

  2. Oh? Our salted eggs here is 4 for RM5.50 which works out to be RM1.38 each!

    Long time didn’t eat the kompia stuffed with savoury minced meat. Don’t know how much now.

    Was 90 sen a long time ago, should be more now.

    Not sure how much duck’s eggs are but here, the prices of chicken eggs are dropping like crazy – RM7-8 for a tray of 30. Last time, no less than RM10.00. Dunno if they are rejects, supposed to be exported to Singapore.

  3. Oh! I love lots of sesame seeds topping especially on beh teh sor. But the ones I bought online they were so stingy with it.

    I am o.k. with it, the fragrance of the toasted sesame seeds is barely noticeable. Probably it would need a lot more than just that sprinkling on top.

  4. I like chu nu miang more than kompia. Sweeter.

    Stay safe. Cases keep going up. Wonder where this pandemic will be under control.

    Yes, this is so very depressing. No meaning, going on with our lives like this!

  5. I guess 10% price hike is quite reasonable given that a lot of materials are more expensive too.

    Yes, plus business is not so good these days, people staying home and doing without or with less. We need to be more understanding when it comes to this.

  6. Smaller towns often still have these old school bakeries, I hope they’ll be around forever.

    Unfortunately, they are disappearing. Many of the old folks have called it a day and many have moved to the bigger cities – more money to make there. A lot of Foochow delights in Kuching and Miri these days even though those are not Foochow towns…and we cannot get them here!

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