One good thing…

One good thing that has come out of this pandemic is my missus has been experimenting with dishes she has never cooked before instead of sticking to those she is most comfortable with day in and day out.

One dish that she does really well and can put all those around town here to shame would be her chicken rice. We love it so much and can’t wait till the next time she will cook it again so we can get to enjoy it.

The other day, we went out to settle some matters and on the way home, we stopped by our favourite chicken rice place here to tapao some home for lunch. We were so pissed off because both the rice and the chicken tasted kind of different – like they were left over from the day before and were reheated for sale. Knowing that business may not be so good at a time like this, they should have the initiative to cook less. Of course we swore we would never ever go back there again!

Another dish that my missus does very well is her Thai green curry (แกงเขียวหวาน)…

The only ingredient that is missing is the terung pipit – that is an essential ingredient in every Thai green curry.

We can only get those at the central market here and it was closed for quite some time as there were positive COVID-19 cases reported and even after it had reopened, I never wanted to go anywhere near there. It seemed they were very strict with the SOP when you want to enter, but once you’re inside, it is a free for all, no physical distancing…and just the other day, there was a report saying that there were 8 cases in March and so far in April, 4…and yes, news has it that they have decided to close it down again!

Besides, these terung pipit are sold there by the ethic folks and ever since the horrendous outbreak at the Pasai Siong Cluster that brought the whole state of Sarawak to its knees, I never look at those people the same way again. I can jolly well do without those – best to #staysafe #staywell!!!

Anyway, those things are quite tasteless and with the addition of the Thai basil leaves…

…and the sawtooth coriander from my garden and all the rest, those sure brought the taste to a whole new level, quintessentially Thai and we did not feel there was anything that is lacking, not at all.

Well, there was some in the fridge the other morning and I decided to have it for breakfast with this tortilla…

I toasted a piece on a non-stick pan and heated a bit of the Thai green curry chicken and served…

Yes, it was good, a lovely change from having the curry with rice and perfect for those who are not so into rice so early in the morning!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “One good thing…”

  1. Yes, a nice change to have curry with roti canai too. I always keep a packet of frozen roti canai in my freezer and like you whenever I cook curry, the next morning for breakfast I would have it with roti canai. I have never try with tortilla and I doubt they are the same.

    I think roti canai is nicer – this is like naan or those wraps. My girl likes pratha, same as canai, but she will cook and eat one…and the rest of the pack stays in the freezer for a long long time. Tak tahan tengok!

  2. So in other words, the MCO has made people more adventurous to lots of new things. LOL 😀 Great to hear that you will be enjoying even more culinary delights.

    For want of something to do. You can laze around doing nothing for just this long – after that, you will get bored and will start to look for things to do. A lot of people enjoy cooking things and posting the photos on Facebook and everyone else will do the same – I quite enjoy seeing what they do.

  3. I learnt new recipe and experienced with flours during MCO last year. We still have few packs of flour that hubby overbought. Thinking to give away as dont know how to finish them up.

    Not much a fan of green curry but your missus looked yummy.

    Your boy is allergic, no? Or only to eggs?

    Obviously you have not come across a good green curry. We did not like the green curry at the two Thai restaurants here, even the nice one that we went to so often but Payung’s is very nice. My missus will order to enjoy even though her own green curry is just as nice and yes, theirs has terung pipit!

    The one I had here in Kuching was real lousy but what to expect – the owner & even the chef were from West Malaysia, not authentic Thais.

  4. Quite a good idea to have tortilla with green curry or any other curry.

    Since I have that in the fridge, something for a change.

  5. Even without that terung pipit the dish looks fantastic.

    Just as nice as Payung’s here, even though they have terung pipit in theirs. Those are quite tasteless, anyway.

  6. The pandemic has been challenging but we have found some positives too.

    Yes. I think I’m saving quite a bit of money too, no betting, I stopped smoking, no need to spend much on petrol…and we do not go out to eat at fancy places so often.

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