‘Cause I had to…

I bought some things online and did not have any problem with it until I decided to buy some t-shirts, 4XL and the ones I received looked more like 4XS. I never bothered to shop online after that until the other day, simply because I had to.

One fine day, my girl asked for my permission to use my printer to print her school stuff. Yes, for the uninitiated, teachers do a lot of things in school and at home and pay out of their own pocket and in this case, they would have to buy the printer and the ink, black and colour and the A4 paper. Thankfully, they are quite well-paid these days, unlike during my time when I first started teaching, plus my girl has no commitments, no responsibilities, no family, old folks to support.

She had run out of ink and her printer was not the same model as mine so she could not use my reserved stock. It seemed that she did ask her mum to go and buy on one of her weekly shopping trips but she was duly informed that it was out of stock and none would be forthcoming, something we have to learn to get used to during this COVID-19 pandemic.

She did not go to the shop where I bought the printer so we drove there to try our luck. Unfortunately, they did not have any either. Left with no choice, my girl had to use my printer and it was perfectly all right as I hardly print anything at all these days.

In the meantime, I decided to try my luck online. I was quite pissed off to find that I could not log into the one where I had shopped before. I wrote my user name and my password down so I would not forget them but it kept telling me this and that and sent me on a wild good chase. In the end, I just gave up and went to another online shopping website and registered an account there. (My sister said that I could have opened a new account at the previous one, no problem at all. Probably she had the same problem and that was what she did!)

I placed my order for the ink…

…two sets, each comprising one black and one colour selling for RM112.00 (they are more expensive if you buy them individually/separately), RM224.00 altogether, RM225.50 inclusive of shipping. RM1.50 only for shipping? Now that was cheap, unlike the previous times when I shopped online or when I sent things via our national courier.

That was on the 6th instant and I received my order safely on the 12th, not exactly dijamin sampai hari esok but at a time like this, I was not counting on it being delivered so soon…and yes, my girl did not encounter any problem with the ink that I had bought and as they say, all’s well that ends well!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “‘Cause I had to…”

  1. Believe me or not, I don’t know how to do online shopping and I think it is better not to learn as I heard one might get addicted once started….😄😄😄… Truly speaking, I have phobia in buying things without seeing the products/thing, therefore online shopping is out of my list.

    It’s quite all right, a lot of safety measures. Actually can return to seller if not satisfactory. Maybe with the pandemic, better not to go out, buy things online but I’ll just stick to things I cannot get here.

  2. Online shopping is the new norm to purchase our stuff right? Though not everything is cheaper…most are more affordable and of course convenient.

    Gotta browse around. See the comments from previous buyers. Sometimes it is better to pay a bit more.

  3. Normally I go for free shipping, these apps give free shipping for every RM8 spent… I seldom pay for shipping charges. Quite convenient to get stuff online instead of going to the malls ….

    I’m a newbie, dunno these things. This time, not bad, RM1.50 only. I think the last time I paid quite a lot, different website, not this one.

  4. Once bitten twice shy. I won’t buy clothing online again especially if the clothes come from China. Their sizing is way too small!

    So tiny, and they label them 4XL. Terrible!!! Tipu people in the 1st degree, blardy hell!!!

  5. Gosh, shopping online can be dangerous! I’m not generally a shopper, but I bought a lot of plants on line over the pandemic!

    Plants? I guess those would be the local sellers but we do not have our own – I’m sure those over at your side will not risk sending the plants over here knowing how the courier services are like.

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