I blogged about how happy I was, when in the absence of the shallots/bawang merah (red onions)/chang kia (small/baby onions) from India, I was able to grab hold of some from Myanmar. Unfortunately, the happiness was short-lived as it was not in any way as fragrant, not so nice…and extremely expensive, RM26.00 per kilo, and likewise, the spring onions that I managed to get from planting them were quite disappointing, more suitable for colour and presentation only.

The good news is the ones from India are available again and I wasted no time at all in planting them in the hope of getting some spring onions that I can use with my instant noodles or whatever that I may be cooking. Unfortunately, out of the many that I planted, only two sprouted…

…but there is still some hope. The morning after I took this photograph, I spotted another one breaking through the soil. I quickly picked some more, the ones with longer roots, and planted them. Fingers crossed, these will yield a bountiful harvest.

The whole time when there were no shallots from India, there were no spring onions for sale at the market. If you go and eat kampua mee at the shops, you will not see the usual sprinkling of fried shallots and chopped spring onions on top.

My missis went and bought daun sup (Chinese celery) for use as a substitute. We would use the leaves and the stems but we would leave a bit, those parts close to the roots, intact and I took the ends and planted them. Of course, I was delighted to see that they have sprouted…

…and are growing quite well. My missus did try a few times but no, she did not fare as well.

Talking about what she planted, she bought some sweet basil sometime ago…or at least, that was what she said it was. She also saved the bottom part of the stems and the roots to plant but only one…

…survived and I don’t remember the leaves being this big in the ones she bought.

Well, it does not look like there is enough to cook for one dish. Perhaps we can pluck and drop them into our instant noodles instead.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “Short-lived…”

  1. I hope one day I could plant a lot of herbs and vegetables too in my garden. Soon. 😀

    It is easy to plant. It is the taking care of them that is the problem, all the weeding, the watering, the loving and the caring. I envy those people who can simply plant anything and leave it there unattended and yet, they grow so well!!!

  2. I can go without shallots if there is a shortage as I use garlic more than shallots in my cooking. Sometimes I may just grab a handful of shallots for making fried shallots and planting spring onions.

    Same here, most of the time, we use garlic. Shallots, maybe when tumbuk with chili and everything when frying with hay bee…or to make shallot oil for tossing noodles (when feeling rajin) and fried shallots for garnishing. Nice to add to clear soups, fried garlic also…plus spring onion or daun sup.

  3. My neigbour planted two types of basil behind the house… Thai and sweet basil, I still prefer the Thai basil, very fragrant and nice.

    Yes, I have a lot of Thai basil. Been planting it for a long long time now. Replant and replant when it gets old and is not so nice anymore. Very easy to grow.

  4. I planted quite a lot of spring onion. My hubby likes it on his noodle, soup.

    I do too! Just a bit and it will bring the taste of the soup to a whole new level!

  5. I am so jealous you have a green thumb, I cant grow anything.

    I can’t either! A lot of trial and error and a whole lot of luck! Sure am glad that I’ve been lucky to some extent.

  6. What soil do you use in your garden?

    Nothing in particular. Any soil that I can dig out of here and there in my big garden. At times, I may go and buy Baja’s “Lazy Soil”, no need to fertilise of 6 months.

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