Save it for another day…

That day, I went over to the hair salon in the next lane for a haircut and when it was done, I strolled over to the shop next door to see whether they had anything that I might want to buy.

I bought all that was left of the deep fried or koi (yam cake), 6 slices at 50 sen each, and the lady boss asked me to take the roast pork, only 4 slices left and I said o.k. The young son weighed them and calculated and charged me RM26.00 for both.

It did not occur to me at the time but that evening, when we took it out to heat up for dinner, my missus said there was way too much – we could just have two slices and save the rest for another day. I did not really pay attention when I was buying – I thought there were 4 small slices but actually, they were really very big. When I told my missus how much I paid, she was shocked! She said that one slice like that would cost at least RM10.00 at the roast meat stalls and shops. Maybe the young boy made a miscalculation…or maybe I did not remember correctly.

Well, we could not finish all of the 2 slices that we had for dinner that evening and the other morning, since there was a lot of leftover rice, I used it to cook some fried rice. These were the ingredients…

…that I had – lots of chopped garlic and daun sup (Chinese celery), the roast meat, cut into small, thin bits and my missus’ delightful blended chili.

I fried the garlic in oil till golden brown before adding the meat. After frying for a bit, I added the rice, followed by the daun sup and the blended chili. I felt there wasn’t enough “kick” so I added some pepper and chili flakes as well plus a sprinkling of salt and msg before adding two eggs.

Once it was done, I dished everything…

…out and served.

Yes, it was very nice and I especially loved the taste of the roast pork in the fried rice. I thought it was very compatible, nicer than when I had some char siew left and I used it to fry rice more or less this same way.

Author: suituapui

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8 thoughts on “Save it for another day…”

    1. Yes I also have a small bottle in my kitchen. Will sprinkle a bit to some dishes I guess those chicken or mushroom seasonings are also loaded with MSG.

      Definitely! The so-called chicken stock is all msg!!! And all the sauces, all the seasonings for instant noodles. That is why when using those, there is no need to add anymore. I will try what I cook first – if nice enough with all the ingredients used, and salty enough, I will not add.

  1. Can’t deny fried rice with roast meat is good. They blend well in taste and certainly make a nice plate of fried rice. Sometimes, leftover roast meat, I will just stir fry with ginger and a bit of soy sauce and it taste good to go with plain rice.

    This was the leftover from the first two slices. The remaining two slices, my missus re-roasted them in the oven – they were o.k. for lunch but when she reheated that again for dinner, it was as hard as a rock! Not something for my old gums and poor old toothless me!!! Will try your recipe next time, thank you!

  2. Roast pork and fried rice are a great combination. Throw in some pork lard. Ha 😀

    Where to find? We do not have that in the house. As a matter of fact, adding the pork fat crusts to noodle or whatever dishes is not a common practice here, unlike over at your side. I usually single them out and leave them by the side.

  3. Oh wow! I love roast pork. I must try frying it with rice. The trouble with me is that there is usually no leftovers! LOL!

    Yes, usually none leftover…just that I bought quite a lot that day. Nice fried rice with the fragrance of the siew yoke!

  4. I love visiting the hair salon. No good places near mine to eat though.

    They’re closed at the moment, dunno when they can operate again. Not too long, I hope. I don’t like my hair too long, so uncomfortable…and I do enjoy a hair wash and head and neck and shoulder massage. LOL!!!

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