Good for me…

I’ve mentioned my Brazilian spinach in my blog a few times and yes, we’ve cooked it to eat time and time again.

I don’t know where my missus heard it from but she said we must tear the leaves into bits to cook with egg like cangkok manis and they even taste somewhat similar. Probably her sister-in-law told her that when she gave us the ones she planted and we saved the stems/stalks to stick into the soil to grow our own.

Well, I cooked some…

My fried Brazilian spinach with prawns & belacan

…the other day and yes, I saw cute little Ayden cooking it in Submerryn‘s Youtube video…

…sometime ago and no, he just fried them like that, no tearing, nothing and of course, I did not do that as well. That was because I did notice the last time my missus cooked it, she cooked the kind-of-thick and hard leaves a little longer and they all went nice and soft just like that.

I harvested the ones from a little plot in another section of my garden and I got a whole lot of the leaves…

The leaves

I cut just the leaves only and threw away the stems and the stalks but I did keep those with holes…


– the ones not too badly eaten by pests. My missus says that when buying vegetables, it is best to buy the ones with holes as it shows that they have not used those harmful poisonous pesticides in the growing.  If those are good for them, they are good for me!

I fried some chopped garlic in cooking oil, added a tablespoon of sambal belacan (dried prawn paste) and a handful of prawns, peeled and cleaned before putting in the spinach straight from the basin, dripping wet. I fried till they have gone all soft and tasted the sauce to see that it was salty enough (from the belacan).  Yes, it was good so I dished it all out…

My fried Brazilian spinach

…and served.

Yes, it was very nice and I sure enjoyed it. The thing is we have so much of these leaves so right now, I am thinking of clearing some of the plots to plant something else. I wonder what else is as easy to grow.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “Good for me…”

  1. Just stir fry this Brizillian spinach with prawns is nice or tear it to bits and pieces and make egg drop soup. So far, these are the 2 ways I have try cooking Brazillian spinach with. Yours with belacan looks good too.

    Oh? You cook soup too? Will try that. We fried with egg like cangkok manis, nice too but cangkok manis is nicer.

  2. I also just cook like that. No tearing.

    Dunno why my missus said must do it, maybe the sister-in-law told her, said like cangkok manis.

  3. Yupe! It is best to buy one with holes right? Having said so, I doubt I have tried this Brazilian spinach before. 🙂

    So easy to grow, should be readily available at the market, dunno its local name.

  4. Geez… I have yet to try Brazillian spinach. I do see it quite often at Jaya Grocer. I must buy and try!

    It’s nice. Not as nice as cangkok manis, can give the regular spinach a fight!

  5. Brazilian spinach was one of the best crops we grew over the pandemic.

    Nice to eat, easy to grow. I’ve kept one plot of it, just enough for us. Otherwise I keep harvesting and giving it away.

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