Those days…

All throughout my growing up years, whenever we had any leftover rice, my mum would fry it in the morning for us for breakfast. Her recipe was very simple – she just fried some sliced shallots in oil, put in the rice and egg, added the seasoning – salt and msg and that was it. Sometimes, she would use dark soy sauce instead of salt.

It doesn’t sound like much, does it? But we thought the world of it and back in those good ol’ days, we considered having that for breakfast a really special treat, not something we would get every day. We did not have kampua mee all that often either. In fact, it was our weekend treat, only on Sundays after church provided we behaved well all throughout the service. Some of the young ones these days are not thus inclined and would rather go for something else, a burger at one of those fast food joints perhaps. Time sure has changed.

Well, these days, whenever there is leftover rice in the fridge, either we would steam it to heat it up and have it for our meals the following day or I would take and fry it for breakfast. I know people who would not touch overnight rice – it does taste a little different, not as nice but we’re fine with it.

There was a tub of leftover long-grain basmati rice in the fridge that morning so I took it to fry…

Fried long grain basmati rice with luncheon meat and prawns

Right now, we have switched to this kind of rice as it is less starchy, not so bad when it comes to the hidden sugars and yes, we’ve cut down on the amount too, not so much each meal.

I peeled and sliced some shallots…


…and chopped some peeled garlic too…


…and I decided to throw in all the chopped daun sup (Chinese celery)…

Daun sup

…that we had for our Sarawak laksa that day but we could not finish all of it.

There was still some luncheon meat left in the fridge – I had had a few slices for my breakfast in the morning and I had not finished all of it yet. I decided I would use it in my fried rice so I cut a few slices and cut them all up into little cubes…

Luncheon meat

We have a lot of prawns in the freezer at the moment and I took a few and used…


Instead of adding salt and msg, I just took a tablespoon of my missus’ blended chili dip…

blended chili

– that would be good enough.

When it was done, I garnished it with some chopped spring onion from my garden…

Long-grain basmati rice, fried

…and served.

I had that for my breakfast that morning but nobody else wanted it – maybe they have grown sick and tired of my fried rice, never mind that I try to cook it in so many different ways, and would rather go for those Korean instant noodles, for instance so I finished off the rest for lunch. Nothing went to waste!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “Those days…”

  1. Your fried rice looks heavenly. Basmati rice plus luncheon meat plus shrimps…perfect combo. I want this for breakfast too. 😀

    Frankly, I prefer our regular rice though starchier and more unhealthy – easier and nicer to eat, not so hard and dry.

  2. Overnight rice are best for fried rice. Luncheon meat and egg make the best combo in fried rice. Not only overnight rice can be used in fried rice it can turn into porridge too. Just add more water to the overnight rice in a pot and in no time you can get your porridge done. Add minced meat to it if you like or plain to go with salted eggs, canned pickled vegetables and cai poh nerng. I used to do that if I want to have porridge.

    I think I’ve done that before but not with basmati rice. It is not starchy so I wonder if it is any good, cooked as porridge. Will try when I spot any leftover one of these days.

  3. Same here, leftover rice eventually becomes fried rice the other day, its so good sometimes we deliberately cook a lot of rice to have some leftovers

    We do not have to do that. On the whole, we’re not really big on rice so very often, there will be some leftover. Just keep over a few days and there will be a lot for frying.

  4. I would have your fried rice anytime! I am ok with leftover rice and will reheat and eat with whatever dishes that I have. Of course turning leftover rice into fried rice is always the better option.

    Same here – I don’t mind eating if I have to but yes, frying it first will make it a lot more palatable.

  5. I will surely want your fried rice! So much liew… (ingredients) in the fried rice, must be very tasty and nice!

    Yes, it was nice but I think it would be very much nicer if I had used regular rice. I think basmati is more suitable for biryani and those Indian rice.

  6. Fried rice. I’ve never fried rice so many times in my life until the MCO started last year. Since then, I’ve been frying rice at least a couple of times every week. Your fried rice looks good. It makes me feel like eating it even though I already jelak with my own fried rice.

    I guess I’m the same, too much fried rice, overdose – everytime there is leftover rice in the fridge. Missus does it better because she adds all kinds of sauces, not so simple but she seldom fries. Sighhhh!!

  7. I have fond memories of leftovers fried up for brekkie the next day.

    Can’t say I share the same sentiments. For me, it is just to clear the fridge and not have it stuffed with things sitting there staring at me day in and day out.

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