Half enough…

When I fried my Maggi goreng the other day, I only used half of the enclosed packet of seasoning and kept the rest in an airtight container. That was why I decided to use it a couple of mornings later to cook my breakfast.

These days, I only use Thai bihun and I particularly like this brand…

A1 bihun beras

…because it comes in pieces and you can conveniently take the number you want. I don’t like the China ones because of its offensive smell and I never tried others.

There was some fish paste in the freezer so I took that and made some fish balls, boiling them in water that I kept to use to make the soup later…

Soup for bihun

I also took some of the stalks of some mustard green (kua chai) that I found in the fridge and boiled to soften a bit but not too much as I would like it nice and crunchy.

I added what was left in the half a sachet of Maggi curry seasoning to the soup and tasted – yes, it was enough, not too strong on the curry taste but it was salty and nice enough. I could not understand why but for reasons unknown, it was spicy hot! There was some daun sup (Chinese celery) in the kitchen so I took a stalk and cut it up into small bits to add to the soup and I saved the leaves to use as garnishing later.

I took the aforementioned fish balls and mustard green stalks and arranged them all around the bowl, garnished it with some chopped daun sup and served…

Fish balls bihun soup

I must say it was very nice and I enjoyed it a lot – I certainly would want to cook this again and no, it does not matter if I do not have any leftover seasoning from my packets of instant noodles. I can just throw in a couple of cloves of garlic and add salt or fish sauce, if so desired. They have seasoning in the fish paste already and that, together with the fish, would help flavour the soup enough to make it really palatable.

Perhaps the next time around, I’ll try tang hoon (glass noodles) instead.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “Half enough…”

  1. I like this Thai bihun too and they don’t come cheap, RM6.90 per packet of 10 pieces if I am not wrong. I love how you cook the bihun with fishballs in clear soup, absolutely nice. I like the added Chinese celery but not the kua chai. Kua chai are those use for making kiam chai, rite?. Only like it when it is made into kiam chai.

    Yes, the kiam chai made from this is nicer than those made from sawi. I like it in clear soup but must be crunchy, not boiled till soft…or worse, not so green anymore.

    I did not check the price of the bihun, just grab and go. No time to waste these days. Will never buy the China ones, so smelly…and I saw a Youtube video where the lady cooked bihun, she did not even soak to soften, just threw it all in the soup (and simmered till dry and served as fried bihun). The last time I used, I soaked and rinsed and rinsed so many times to get rid of the cockroach smell.

  2. That looks very nice! Usually for soup, I prefer mee sua or yellow noodles. Somehow I am not fond of meehoon in soup.

    They do not serve those noodles with fish ball soup here. Usually it is with glass noodles but you can ask for bihun instead – some people find glass noodles hard to digest.

  3. I never try this A1 mee hoon. I like that it packed like that. Less messy, more convenience.

    Yes, finer and nicer than the China ones but must not fry too much, pecah pecah.

  4. I am drooling at the fish balls in your mihun, but like Phong Hong, I would prefer mee sua or yellow noodles.

    People do not eat fish balls with those here, more often than not, with tang hoon (glass noodles), not usually with bihun either.

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