I want more…

There are a few very popular places here that people would go to should they feel like having the traditional Foochow chao chai noodles dish.

This place

Yong Chuan chao chai hung ngang

…is the favourite of many and many would swear by this guy, now at a new location but because of the crowd, I would rather keep my distance.  #staysafe #staywell.

As far as I know, many will cook the soup with fish and fish balls and others would do it with chicken. If you are interested and would like to try cooking your own, you can click this link and hop over to my friend’s Kelly’s blog to have a look. It’s very simple, actually – Foochow cooking is generally very simple. Even my girl knew how to cook it and she did it once. As a matter of fact, she even blogged about it – unfortunately the blog has been dormant for years and years so they have got rid of it completely.

The only thing is you must have the ingredients, the main one being the chao chai – mustard greens preserved in ang chao (the residue of the fermented red yeast glutinous rice) used in the making of our traditional Foochow ang chiew (red wine), lots of the latter and ginger as well. Gosh!!! I saw on Facebook recently how they were selling “old” ginger in Perth, Australia at almost AUD60.00…and that’s before conversion!!! *faints*

Well, the other day, my missus decided to cook this…

Missus' pork belly chao chai noodles

…using pork belly and served it with the bihun-like brown rice noodles, leftover from what we had the other day.

Wowww!!! It was so so so good…

Pork belly chao chai brown rice noodles

…that after licking my bowl clean, I asked for some more. Unfortunately, my missus had cooked a serving per person, one bowl each, so there wasn’t anymore. Sobsss!!!

YONG CHUAN FISH NOODLES HOUSE (2.308016, 111.848896) is located among the shops on the right (next to WikiTea) along Lorong Sena 8, off Jalan Sena, directly opposite SMK Deshon.


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “I want more…”

  1. With the pork belly, i can imagine how nice it was. Usually i like to add chicken gizzards.

    Except for the liver the way the Malays cook them, I am not into the rest of the innards.

  2. Has been a long time I last had this Foochow zhao chai dish. I used to love zhao chai hung ngang till I have a bad experience having it at Peach Garden. So sour and my guess is the sourish taste is not from the preserved mustard green but more likely from adding too much vinegar in it. Having said that, I do remember I have come across very nice one at Premier 101 where my son brings me to eat. I heard from my son that one needs to tell the seller not to add vinegar. Did your missus add vinegar to this dish?

    No, no, no, no vinegar, lots of ang chiew!!! Yunno me, fat man does not like things too sour but this one was sour in its own way, original – from the vegetables, very nice and I liked it! You can see I hardly eat chao chai hung ngang outside…and you can jolly well guess why. Not many really nice ones around…and like everything else, must know where to go.

  3. Never seen these dishes but I want them!

    Traditional Foochow delight. Maybe you can get it at Sitiawan or Yong Peng…or perhaps you can cook your own, like Kelly Siew. LOL!!!

  4. Next time round, I am sure your wife will cook extra… LOL… She is really a good cook!!

    She is, will never scrimp on the ingredients, not chin-chai chin-chai like me.

  5. Prices in Australia are ridiculous. I don’t know how most families get by.

    Couldn’t agree more, even without conversion into our miserable ringgit. I always imagine everyone there earning millions or billions to be able to live there comfortably.

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