My girl loved the fish when she was in Wellington, New Zealand. She said that at times, it would be on offer at the supermarkets at the end of the day or on weekends so it would be more affordable. Most of the time, she would just buy salmon to grill in some butter in a non-stick pan and enjoy.

When we were there in 2012, she took us to her favourite fish and chips shop to enjoy what they had there. According to her, it was owned by a not-very-friendly Singaporean lady but she kept going back there as she loved it so much. They had all kinds of fish with Maori names that I had never heard of before. I had the “fish of the day”, the warehou and it was so so good!

Over here in Sibu, we get the dory from New Zealand and it is widely used in both western and Chinese restaurants. The instant I hear the name, I would change my mind about ordering their fish whatever already. Some people tell me there are two types, one that is not jelly-like and does not have that offensive smell. Well, I can’t tell the difference so I’m not taking any chances.

The other day, the ladies came home with this…

Hake Fish, New Zealand

…from the supermarket at the mall near my house…

NZ Hake Fish, price tag

I thought my girl would fry it coated in batter or bread crumbs to make her own fish and chips but she was busy at school that morning. The mum just took it, rubbed salt and pepper and baked it in butter in the oven and grilled some pumpkin and cauliflower along with it…

In the oven

Well, it turned out all right…

Oven-grilled hake and vegetables

I enjoyed it but I sure would love to try it the fish and chips way to see how it compares with the hoki

Sugar Bin fish fillet rice

…used in the dish (current promo price: RM9.55) and also the fish burger at our very own Sarawak franchise here.

According to Wiki, both are the blue grenadier or at least, they belong to the same family. If I am not mistaken, there is still another packet in the freezer – hopefully, they’ll do that sometime soon.

ELTA – THE MARKETPLACE (2.311968, 111.847043) is located in the basement of the Delta Mall, Taman Seduan 8, Jalan Dr Wong Soon Kai (formerly Jalan Pedada).

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Grillz…”

  1. I have seen those imported frozen fish at the Supermarket near my place but never bought them to try. I do like the fish used in the fish and chip platter or fish burger at our very own Sarawak franchise though.

    Yes, my favourite! The hoki, nicer than all those used in the expensive and classy cafes and restaurants. Most of them use dory, dunno the cheap type or the expensive one. I hear the name I will not order already.

  2. I must look for this too in Jaya Jusco… see if they have but I doubt. I like fish too, more proteins and not so filling as meat.

    I’m sure they have. They’re importing all the good stuff these days, all the more so over at your side, I’m sure. Ours here, mostly salmon and cod – so glad to see these!

  3. I love good quality fish but they can be so pricey. As for dory, I used to eat a lot of that when I was younger because it was cheap but I have stopped eating it for many years already.

    I love fish, even the local ones…not that they are much cheaper these days.

  4. Probably those fish were either Kahawai, Tevally, Hoki or Hapuka.

    Hoki from New Zealand is nice – we have that at our local fast food franchise here, dunno the rest.

  5. As students, we knew all the days on which to get a deal. We’d often do groceries at 10pm as that’s when everything was reduced.

    I guess my girl knew too when she was in Wellington. Ate a whole lot of salmon then.

  6. I love to eat fish too when I am tired of eating chicken or pork. Not so familiar with fish like hoki. Salmon is still my favourite.

    My girl loves salmon, not cheap…VERY expensive. I’m not crazy about it, has a smell.

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