I guess unless you’re a VIP or a frontliner, you would not have been vaccinated. So, have you registered yet? You can do so via MySejahtera or at the National Immunization Program’s (NIP) official hotline and website whereas over here in Sibu, ancient relics like me who do not have a smartphone and cannot register via that app can fill in a form and pass it to the district office before the end of this month. I’ve downloaded the form already but I’ve yet to fill it and send it over.

Once we have done that, we will have to wait for our turn. I guess it will not be all that soon. I read somewhere that the next group would be high risk senior citizens like me from April onwards and the rest would get their turn in August.

Anyway, once I have been vaccinated, I don’t think it will change anything all that much. No, I am not ready to travel yet – the pandemic has turned me into a recluse and I feel a whole lot safer staying home and yes, when I do go out, I shall still go on wearing a mask…

Disposable masks frrom Guardian

I got these from the outlet of that Malaysian pharmaceutical franchise near my house. I bought some stuff from them and got discount coupons that enabled me to go back there and buy two more boxes at a 50% discount. 270 masks altogether! That should last a long time considering how we seldom go out…one per person, at least, each time – we throw away the mask the instant we get home.

I am glad to say that I am very happy with this line of masks. I bought some similar looking ones here and there at jacked-up prices when the pandemic just broke out and I was so pissed off that the loops would break even before I could put it on. That was why I stapled them down but the staples would poke into my face and it could be quite painful at times.

My missus went and bought me this one…

Fashion mask

…that is reusable and washable…

Reusable and washable

…and it sure looks very comfortable. I guess I may switch to this one…

Non-medical device

…once those disposable ones run out.

We also got these special ones with religious logos from some church people or group in West Malaysia…

Catholic/Christian masks

…from my sister but no, we have not worn them yet either.

There are all kinds of masks now including those not too long ago for Chinese New Year. At one time, they had special briefs/underwear for men for the auspicious occasion but I did not see any this time around, just those masks. Anyone of you out there making a fashion statement by wearing a unique mask that is different from everyone else’s?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “Register…”

  1. My son and DIL have their vaccination yesterday. No, no fancy mask fo me. I use only the disposable face mask. My son also bought for me and hubby the black reusable and washable mask and we haven’t got down to use it. Have seen a lot of people using the black mask and it looks weird. I guess I will stick to the disposable face mask.

    Aha! They are frontliners, eh? I’m in no hurry, not going anywhere. Yes, black is hot so I cannot imagine wearing masks of that colour.

  2. Me too. Not much changes after vaccination, which may take months or next year. I have registered through MySejahtera. Wonder when vaccine for kids will be available??

    Young people August onwards but no specific mention of kids.

  3. One of the added benefit wearing masks and staying home is that I’ve never gotten any sickness this past entire year! Never happened before.
    Stay safe!

    That’s good!!! Keep it up, we’ll get through all this soon!

  4. We use reusable washable masks too. Trying to reduce single-use everything.

    Yes, and the way people throw them away is absolutely disgusting!!! I’d stick to washable and reusable once my stock runs out, not going to buy anymore.

  5. I have both disposable and cloth masks. In the beginning, I only use the cloth masks as the disposable masks are so expensive, one box at S$30.00! Now it is much cheaper, 50 pcs at S$6.00, so I started to use disposable masks, disposable masks are convenient for those who are lazy or have no time to wash. Both disposable and cloth masks have their pros and cons. Disposable paper masks are not as comfortable as cloth masks because some cloth masks (washable and usable ones) are very comfortable to wear if the material is soft and silky. For disposable masks, the colours I like are black or white.

    SO CHEAP!!! I’d rather use disposables, more convenient…and probably, healthier too though nut environment friendly.

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