That day, my missus went out to stock up on the food in the house and my girl asked her to buy a packet of those Mission wraps – onion and chives as she was thinking of making some prawn wraps…

Prawn wrap

…for lunch.

The mum helped heat up the wraps piece by piece…

Mission wrap - onion & chives

…in a non-stick pan and we lined each piece with some lettuce and sweet basil…

Lettuce & sweet basil

My girl spent sometime making this coleslaw…


…that went in next, followed by the prawns…


…that we placed on the bed of coleslaw. My missus coated them with breadcrumbs and deep fried them.

Lastly, after adding a sprinkling of parmesan cheese…

Parmesan cheese

…we wrapped it up and ate.

I would think “roll” would be a more appropriate word than “wrap” though. We were so generous with the filling that it was quite impossible to wrap it up so we just rolled it up, leaving the ends open and ate it like that. We sure enjoyed it very much and no, we did not mind it one bit when the filling fell out – we just picked it up and stuffed it back in. LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “Roll…”

  1. Nice wrap for lunch. I would love that for a change from the usual lunch we have everyday.

    Yes, my girl loves this. She always complains as to why we must eat rice all the time.

  2. That sure look delicious! I bought these wraps twice, forgot about them until they expired. What a waste!

    Oh dear! We’ve bought them a few times but not lately, not really into the hassle of preparing something for the filling.

  3. This is.. Borneo burrito?

    No…unless we use our udang galah or something local. Now, that’s an idea! Will think of something along this line and give it a try sometime.

  4. ahhh… reminds me of my son too, he likes the mission wraps and he will also use lettuce, eggs, meat and that is his lunch! I tried too… not bad, less carbs and healthier!

    Nice change from the usual rice and dishes. I rather enjoyed it…but I must have two, one not enough.

  5. I still have a pack of Mission in my freezer. Hubby likes to use it for his tortilla wrap or roll. But long time did not make and have that.

    We’ve managed to finish the pack, Already open, cannot tahan see things unfinished…day in and day out…in the freezer.

  6. Oh yes, we’ve used those mission wraps for lots of things. They come in handy as they freeze well.

    Yes, and they sure save a whole lot of trouble, no need to prepare one’s own from scratch.

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