Nobody around…

The other day, after I had dropped my girl off at school, before 7 in the morning, I decided to drop by here to buy some of their very nice char siew pao (barbecued meat steamed buns) to keep in the fridge and steam and eat whenever we feel like it.

I was very early and much to my delight, there was nobody around, just two or three workers inside the shop starting their work for the day. One of them said they were not ready but I said it was all right as I wanted to buy the buns frozen – I did not intend to eat them that day.

While I was there, I spotted these chai kueh (RM1.00 each)…

Hong Kong Puff chai kueh

…and of course, I simply had to buy and try.

Yes, they were very good – they were big, the skin was perfect and the filling…

Hong Kong Puff chai kueh, filling

…was nice, just that there was no hint of any hay bee/dried prawns in it. I think they were homemade – somebody left them there for sale and I saw some kueh lenggang/ketayap too but I did not buy those.

I could not resist grabbing a few of their sio bee (RM1.20 each)…

Hong Kong Puff Open Air sio bee 1

I was told that they got them from that Open Air Market stall in Kuching.

Yes, I like them very much…

Hong Kong Puff Open Air sio bee 2

…especially their QQ texture, something like the dim sum siew mai. I am not fond of those where I can still feel the texture of the minced meat in them or worse, those mushy ones where they add too much flour or whatever.

Seeing how that part of town is so deserted that early in the morning, I sure wouldn’t mind dropping by again. These days, with the escalating number of COVID-19 cases every day. I would prefer places with nobody or very few people around or to just stay home.

HONG KONG PUFF is located along Ramin Way (2.291180, 111.826634), beside Sin Kiaw Coffee Shop, right behind the Petronas station at Kpg Nyabor Road (formerly Esso) across the road from the HSBC Building, Sibu branch. 

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “Nobody around…”

  1. They are all my favourite and great to have as breakfast. Are these sio bee from Goh Bak Cheng at Open Air Market, Kg.? I love their sio bee too.

    That was what the young man at the shop told me once – they’re very nice, anytime nicer than the horrible ones from Fook Hai!!!

  2. There is a Hong Kong Puff in Kuching too. I bought some sio bao for you from this shop last time. Wonder the same shop.

    Should be. Yes, they have sio pao here too – can’t remember how good they were, I never bought anymore after that, nowhere near the Kai Joo Lane ones, of course. Did not like their egg tarts, sure will not buy anymore. The guy told me they get the things frozen from Kuching – they defrost to steam or bake here.

  3. Looks good if you ask me. Would love to have these for my breakfast. 🙂

    Yes, nice. I sure would not mind dropping by to buy more but must go super early, nobody around. #staysafe #staywell

  4. Char siew pao or bak pao is something nice too have in the freezer. So convenient, just take out and steam and it tastes just as good as fresh.

    Yes, we had them for two days in a row, as good as new. Gotta stop by to grab some more one of these days.

  5. Oh I do miss good chai kuih, can’t find them nearby, would maybe need to make a trip back down to PJ.

    I may have tried the ones from the nyonya kueh stall, Lulu – hers would be nice, of course. Everything from the stall is nice, just not cheap.

  6. I love those shumai that is a bit chunky, not the ones with minced meat

    You have lovely ones at your yam cha places in Auckland, been to a few there.

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