That day, when I blogged about the keropok (prawn/fish crackers) that I bought and fried, my ever-faithful follower/commentator from Kuching, Irene, said that she would always buy two brands – Boon Ting & Hua Hua, both made in Kuching.

I never heard of those brands before, much less tried them, but a cousin of mine in Kuching as well commented on Facebook that she did not like Hua Hua and she liked Boon Ting’s prawn or fish, I could not remember which now.

It so happened that my sister brought some to my house – she said she was too lazy to fry so I told her I could do it for her and lo and behold!!! One of those that she passed to me was this…

Boon Ting keropok ikan

…made-in-Kuching Boon Ting’s. Wait a minute!!! That shop is the grocery cum Chinese medical store near my house and good grief!!! RM14.50 certainly makes this the most expensive of the lot that I’ve fried and tried.

This one was the fish variety and of course, prior to frying, I had to dry them first…..

Dry in the sun

…and yes, unlike the Brunei ones the other day, these rose to the occasion, none of those hard edges that felt like they were uncooked…

Boon Ting keropok, fried

I was able to fill one Jacob’s cream crackers tin for my sister and we kept what was left to eat ourselves.

Yes, we all thought this one was good – the only difference is that it does not have the pinkish red edges that is synonymous with the Mukah ones.

I took the tin over to my sister’s house to pass to her and she gave me these rempeyek

Homemade rempeyek

Last year, I bought some very nice ones through my friends at Payung but in view of the current situation, I have not dropped by there so I do not know if they can still get any this year. My sister got these homemade ones through somebody and yes, they were very good. I loved how thin and crispy they were plus the lovely fragrance of the curry leaves and spices added.