My missus did most of the cooking for our Chinese New Year reunion dinner but I did mention that I chipped in a bit and this was my contribution…

Satay beef 1

We still had four packs of this New Zealand ribeye beef…

New Zealand ribeye beef

…in the freezer and I thought it would be a nice change from the usual curry to cook it with satay sauce…

Sunstar kuah satay

…instead. I cut the meat into smaller and thinner slices and after going through two packs, I found that I already had a lot so I put back the remaining two into the freezer to cook in any way and whenever we want.

These were the ingredients…


…that I added. I fried the chopped Bombay onion in a bit of oil before adding the serai (lemon grass) from my garden, bruised at the ends and the beef that I had already mixed well with the satay sauce.

The colour did not look all that nice so I added a bit of tomato sauce, only to regret it later as I felt it affected the overall taste a bit – I think it was more like satay as we know it without the addition. There was some crushed (freshly fried) peanut in the kitchen and I also added that to give it a stronger nutty taste.

It dried up very fast so I had to add water, a little at a time and let it simmer long enough for the meat to become tender before adding the finely cut daun kunyit (turmeric leaves) – they usually add that in beef rendang. Finally, it was done and I dished everything out…

Satay beef 2

I would say it was nice. We do cook using the satay sauce quite frequently but usually, we would use pork – not so much with chicken (we usually cook curry with that). Personally, I do feel it is nicer with beef.

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9 thoughts on “Contribution…”

  1. I have cooked quite a few times with pork using this Sunstar brand satay sauce after seeing your post about it long time ago. I have never try with chicken though.

    Yes, it’s nice, right? And so easy to cook. I’ve stocked a few cans in the pantry, can cook anytime. Very convenient!

  2. Tasted beef with satay before and I do agree, it is good. I never try cooking like that at home. My man prefer beef rendang instead.

    To this day, I have not managed to get beef rendang right. Maybe I can try again with the remaining two packs of beef. Even the Malay shops may not get it quite right – they say it is rendang but it doesn’t taste like rendang as I love it. Given a choice, I would prefer beef rendang too – satay is rather common.

  3. It looks delicious. The way it looks and some of the ingredients make me think of an Ethiopian dish I prepared for my daughter and parents several years ago. It was a huge success.

    Later this week, I believe we’re supposed to receive more snow in our area. I managed to snap a few photos when we received the snow. Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to play in the snow yet. However, next time we have snow (preferably on the weekend.) I’ll be out in there playing. I’m hoping we receive snow at least one more time before it gets warm!

    Spring is a little over a month away. Time flies! I wish the pandemic will be over soon, so sad being locked down for so long…since March last year, on and off and even when we could, we did not want to do anything, play safe.

    This is the easy way out, just use the sauce in the can. Cooking from scratch would be so very tedious, I sure would not want to go through all that hassle.

    1. I made that Ethiopian dish from scratch. It’s how I make our meals. I enjoy the process immensely. I find it therapeutic. You’re right though, it takes a lot of time. I do most of my meal prep on the weekends. It’s when I have the most time.

      We live in a small community, people back here have at least one acre. We have four. The only beings we most likely would encounter are wildlife. 🙂 I guess the only thing I need to worry about is falling if it’s icy. Now that would be funny.

      Oh dear!!! Do be careful! I, for one, cannot afford to fall, not at my age and my shape and size – like Humpty Dumpty! LOL!!!

      Yes, when you have the love and the passion, cooking is never a chore. My late mum was like that…and she did enlist my help in the kitchen sometimes. I enjoyed that and of course, the fruit of her labour too!

  4. Wow I would enjoy this satay beef dish for sure. Too bad I can’t consume cow. Ha 😀

    But I have yet to try cooking anything wih satay sauce. Might want to try this out.

    Oh? For religious reason, I guess. A lot of people don’t take, same as Malays do not eat pork. In my case, I do not eat meat on Fridays.

  5. Oh I haven’t tried or bought satay sauce before… only ate them fresh from the satay man… hahaha..

    Lucky you! Here, they open very late, 7 p.m. still fanning the charcoal fire – slow & steady, lazy like anything. We eat at 6 so we do not bother about those – just cook our own, easier!

  6. Rib eye from NZ, those are really nice. 62/kg sound similar pricing in here but when it goes on sale, good quality goes around NZ$22.00

    I was quite shocked by the price but rib eye steaks don’t come cheap at the cafes here so my guess is they are better than the regular beef.

  7. Have you ever made the satay sauce from scratch? I’m curious if you could use peanut butter as a base.

    No. I’ve heard of people using that but then again, I guess it may have the taste but it will not have that crunchiness.

  8. Interesting. Can suggest to my mom to cook her pork with satay sauce.

    Nice and saves you the trouble of going out to buy or to eat.

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