A lot…

I wouldn’t say that we had a lot for our Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner but unlike those days when we would invite my brother-in-law and his family over and the other one from Bintulu and his family as well, nowadays, a little was already too much for the four of us.

Of course, we had the sweet and sour ikan bawal hitam (black pomfret)…

Sweet & sour or chio

…and yes, I sure enjoyed that. We had two in the freezer and initially, we thought of cooking both. In the end, I decided that one would be more than enough and yes, we only managed half of it so as tradition would have it, we did have some left over for the following day.

In view of the current situation, my brother-in-law and his wife were not all that keen on joining us for the dinner (their daughter, my niece in Singapore, is stuck there and not able to come home) so my missus cooked this chicken curry…

Chicken curry

…to give to them and there was some left so we served it alongside the satay beef…

Satay beef

…that I cooked.

We also took out the kacang ma chicken…

Kacang ma from Payung

from Payung and my sister brought this platter of braised duck…

Braised duck

…from this chicken rice shop in town.

My missus bought this rack of pork ribs sometime ago and I really did not know why as I felt it was way too big for the three of us. That was why I told her this would be a good time to take it out and cook and she did…

Korean sauce pork ribs

She said she cooked it in the exact same way in which she cooked the lamb rack that we had once and enjoyed very much BUT she added some Korean sauce to it. The ladies insisted it was nice but no, it was not to my liking so I only had a bit.

Yes, we liked her mixed vegetables…

Mixed vegetables

…cooked with canned Pacific clams. Good grief! Those were twice the size of my thumb once but now they are about the size of my little finger and are so so so expensive! Tsk! Tsk!

Everyone sang praises of her fish maw soup…

Fish maw soup

…and yes, I loved it too! Initially, she was thinking of something thick and cornstarch-y  like sharks’ fins soup but I said I would rather have it in clear soup.

For dessert, we had this peach & longan combo…

Peach & longan

…and these pretty cakes…

Cakes from Dayang

…that my girl’s good friend gave to her for Chinese New Year.

I shared the photographs like what I always did on Facebook and somebody curtly remarked, “Don’t show off!” Honestly, I don’t see what is there to show off as it was just as I had captioned it, “Our simple Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner“. I saw what the others had – they too flaunted theirs on Facebook and they had lobsters, abalone, sea cucumber, sharks’ fins, crab, huge prawns, salmon, yee sang and poon choi and one even had the unforgettable wang poo liao/ ikan empurau. Why! We did not even have prawns!

In comparison, I would still say ours was simple, nothing really special and yes, we did manage to stick to what I had in mind and just used things that we had in our fridge and freezer, no need to venture out in the dreadful current situation to buy anything special for our dinner.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “A lot…”

  1. Still, you guys were having a feast indeed despite the fewer headcounts. 🙂

    I have not had any fish maw in ages.

    We can buy it at a Chinese medical store cum grocery in the next lane, near my house. Pre-fried, only RM12.00 for a big plastic pack. We just take the amount we need, soak in water and use. Not a problem at all.

  2. So many dishes for just 4 persons and yet you call it simple reunion dinner, I would say fit for a King and somemore with desserts. Yes, kacang ma, mixed veg, duck and fish maw soup are my favourite. I prefer clear to thick cornstarchy soup too. Mine is more simple than yours. I cook 3 dishes (pak lor duck duck, mixed veg & steamed prawns) and one soup(fish maw soup) for 5 adults. That is already so much and still got leftovers. We are all small eaters…. 😄😄😄

    Traditionally, there must be a dish of everything – pork, chicken, duck, fish, prawns and so on. I rented a room at a HDB flat in Singapore, 1973…a poor old Chinese couple. The hubby was a manual labourer, out every day, coming home very late – dunno what the son did, hardly saw him and the old lady ate alone every day – just rice and maybe a fried egg, so frugal but come Chinese New Year she would cook so much, one whole long table, 8 seater and she would heat up and eat day after day after day. She always asked me to eat and being a poor student then, I was so happy to help her finish.

    I guess one phak lor ark is a lot already, one big bird is more than enough to go round. I would love stewed hardboiled eggs as well in the sauce. We did not have any prawns even though I did buy some big (seawater) ones – still in the freezer.

  3. Everything looks great. You had an excellent selection to choose from.

    You definitely weren’t showing off; you were just sharing how you enjoyed your New Year. Which I think is wonderful since not everyone will have the same thing. I always enjoy seeing what you’re eating. I shared your website with my daughter last week.

    Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful Chinese New Year!

    Thanks, Opal, and may you and your loved ones be abundantly blessed as well in this Year of the Ox. I hope it is not too cold where you are – I’ve seen family and friends sharing photos of snow, in the US and in the UK too.

    Yes, we made do with what we had in the freezer and the fridge that day and we did manage to come out with a nice meal, nothing extravagant but yes, it was nice and we sure enjoyed ourselves. I’ve always shared photos of what I eat or cook or what the ladies in the house cook or nice things that people give me – I think that is what everybody else does and no, I don’t think they’re showing off, just sharing.

  4. What a wonderful reunion dinner and a good selection of simple dishes churned out from the freezer, no need to venture outside to source for these delicious food! Definitely will have leftovers that will last a few more days!
    May you and your family have a healthy and prosperous Year of the Ox!

    Thank you, and wishing you and your loved ones the same too.

    Yes, it’s Day 3 and we are still eating the leftovers. No complaints, we still enjoy everything and the best thing is we do not need to cook these few days. Just heat up what we want and eat!

  5. So rude of that someone to comment that you are showing off. If he has nothing good to say, don’t say it. Perhaps your could block him or unfriend him. My favourites here would be the pomfret, curry chicken and fish maw. Yums. Happy Niu (Niu means Ox in Chinese) Year to you and your family, STP. Stay safe and stay healthy, which is the most important as of now.

    Yes, I’ve already unfriended him – I’ve put up with his nasty behaviour long enough.

    Thanks and the same to you and yours over there in Singapore. Seems there are still a number of cases, mostly import. #staysafe #staywell


    Missing? You’re on some kind of diet or is it hard to get to eat this kind of old school delights in Singapore these days?

  7. We’ve toned down many of our family celebratory dinners in recent years to avoid wastage.

    Well, in a way we did not waste anything, ate everything up over the next few days…but yes, we must learn to cook less (and eat less), can’t have everything everytime!

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