Hanging around my door…

I was online that night in my computer room when I got a message via Messenger/Facebook from somebody who would not wish to be named. He said he had left half a kilo of wagyu beef…

Wagyu beef, grilled and served

…hanging at my gate for me to enjoy.

WHAT? Gee! I did not hear anything outside the house so I did not know I had visitors. I went out quickly to take in the beef…

Wagyu beef, wrapped

Gosh!!! I just saw some promotion on Facebook for a certain variety of Australian wagyu beef and I almost fainted when I saw the price – RM58 for 100 gms! I don’t know where my friend got his wagyu beef…

Wagyu beef, unwrapped

…but going by that price, there would be around RM300.00 worth of the meat in the bag!!! Oh dear!!!

He said that we could just rub salt and pepper and pan-fry and that was what we did, served with roasted cauliflower and mashed potatoes by the side…

Wagyu beef

Yes, it was so very nice – so very sweet and juicy and tender but at that price, I honestly think I can live without it.

Thank you so much to my super-generous friend for that very exclusive and expensive gift – with so many people flaunting it on social media, all the hoo-ha over wagyu beef, I sure am glad that at least, we have had the chance to try it and get to know first hand what it is like.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “Hanging around my door…”

  1. Though this CNY was celebrated with no open house, still Cai Sheh Yeh makes his way to your house. How blessed are you…. 😊😊😊.

    *face palm* People always give me nice things and for that I am always thankful and feel that I am truly blessed and I try to reciprocate in some small way whenever possible. This is simply too expensive! I hope nobody gives me anything this expensive ever again, so shy lah!

  2. Wow!! Who is this generous and kind person?? What a lovely CNY gift surprise.
    I never taste wagyu before. Must be really good like what other said. Melt in the mouth.

    Yes, it was very very nice, so very tender…taste and texture quite unlike the regular Australian or New Zealand beef that we are more familiar with…but at that price, I sure would not want to buy, can live without it.

  3. The marbling is beautiful. I always have mine medium rare. The guys in my house don’t eat beef hence I am only privileged to eat this when we dine out.

    Happy Chinese New Year to you Arthur, your lovely wife and beautiful Melissa.

    Thank you and the same to you, William, Ethan and the handsome and so very cute and lovable Ayden!!! LOL!!!

    I thought it was very nice, my girl likes it more than the much cheaper Australian wagyu I bought once – I thought that was nicer or maybe that was because we never had good beef before that. It simply swept me off my feet!!!

  4. Blessed is the one who gives and receives… yes, indeed very expensive and I think I have tasted only a bite many years back! LOL…

    Aha! You’ve tasted before, me never! Only saw a lot of people sharing on Facebook, praising it to the skies and maybe that was why I was expecting a lot but even though it was really very nice, I didn’t think it was anything like what I was expecting after seeing everyone saying it was so so so so so good!!! Over-rated! Wouldn’t mind if I had not had the chance to try it, honestly!

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