For all it’s worth, a Blessed and Happy Chinese New Year, everybody! 新年快樂 xīn nián kuài lè, 恭喜发财 gōng xǐ fā cái! Let us hope and pray that the dawn of the Year of the Ox will turn the tide and things will get better.

The other day, I mentioned that I had not bought my bak kua (barbecued meat slices) yet and I happened to drop by one of my neighbourhood shops. They only had one box left…

Loong Kee bak kua

…and I quickly grabbed it.

At another shop, they had another brand that I am not familiar with and even though they insisted it was very nice, I refused to buy it.

The lady boss at my usual sundry & grocery store said that they would be sending their new stock that afternoon and asked me to go over the next morning. However, when I did that, she said that they had not sent it over yet and asked me to go again later. I did not bother as I am not that fond of going in and out, not in the current situation. I guess that one box would just have to do and sorry, I do not have any to give to my sister and to my in-laws or anybody, for that matter.

Much to my surprise, out of the blue, my missus decided to make her own…

Missus' bak kua 1

Yes, it was very nice but no, it did not taste quite the same. That was because we do not have any shaoxing Chinese cooking wine in the house so she substituted it with our traditional Foochow red wine. That was why it had its own unique taste but beggars can’t be choosers – these…

Missus' bak kua 2

…will just have to do, I suppose.

In the meantime, I received these Chinese New Year goodies…

CNY goodies from Ah Lek, Saliah & family

…from my Melanau cousin and his wife and loved ones in his family. They never fail to give us something every year and this year, they are at her daughter’s place in Miri so they asked the son here to buy and send over to us. Thank you so much, ‘Lek & Saliah and everybody! Much appreciated.

My dear friend, Mary, also dropped by my house on the eve of Chinese New Year’s Eve to pass me these delightful own-made goodies, made by her girl…

From Mary and girls

…and to extend their special festive greetings…

Season's Greetings

Thanks so much to all of you, pretty ladies, too and thank you all especially for remembering me – it sure is a ray of light in these troubled times, a ray of hope that someday soon, love will see us through and things will get better. Incidentally, the peanut ones were absolutely out of this world! We almost finished the whole lot in one sitting. I only had two though – let my girl enjoy it! She loved it so much!

So, how’s everybody doing? How was your reunion dinner? I guess I shall be blogging about mine but that will be in another post, maybe not so soon. #staysafe #staywell #stayhome

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “Homemade…”

  1. Wishing you and your family good health, prosperity and happiness in this niu year! Wah, you get so many nice things! I am impressed that your wife made bakwa! So sayang she used up that bottle of red wine

    Thanks, and the same to you and yours. She said it was very easy to make and yes, I’ve seen a lot of people making and posting about it on Facebook.

  2. Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family. Bak kwa, acar and keropok are a must have for me during CNY and I never miss buying them. I like our local homemade brand Tong Soon bak kwa. Those goodies from your friend looks good.

    Thank you, and the same to you and yours. We ended up having a lot of things in the house – not that good, heaty some of them, sweet too but anyway, it’s just once a year. No more once we’ve finished everything.

  3. Oohhh… homemade bak kua! I tried making once some years ago. It was all right, and that was the one and only time. LOL! Well, let me wish you a very happy and safe Chinese New Year. Keong Hee Huat Chye!

    Thank you and the same to you. My missus insisted it was very easy and if she can work on it and get the taste right, it would be better to make one’s own – getting to be so very expensive!!!

  4. We had an awsome reunion dinner or sort. 🙂 You have so many snacks to enjoy.

    I hope you blogged about it! Will hop over and have a look. Mine will be in tomorrow’s post.

  5. We did not have any Bak Kua this year, I still remember that there was one year my student’s mother gave me a box of Bak Kua as CNY gift. So nice of her. I like peanut cookies too. Our friends and family also sent us some CNY goodies and snacks, maybe I will blog about it. Wishing you and your family, good health and happiness in this Year of the Ox.

    Thanks, and the same to you and yours. No bak kua? But you have the best in Singapore!

  6. We tried some pork-free versions over here with wagyu, chicken and truffle. They were pretty tasty but I’m told by Chinese friends that they still prefer the pork.

    At least you had meat, real meat…not those mock ones where the texture and the taste may not be quite there.

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