Pale in comparison…

The other day, my missus came home all excited because she thought she had managed to get hold of some Brunei keropok (crackers). She said that she enjoyed those so much in her younger days. However, upon closer scrutiny, I could not find any indication on the pack that would point to that neighbouring country of ours.

Eventually, she went back to the shop and only then did she realise where she went wrong. She saw the packets that stated keropok Brunai [SIC] clearly but she did not like the prawn ones…

Keropok Brunai

…so she picked the fish variety, not knowing that those did not come from Brunei. These are definitely more expensive – RM12.00 a pack compared to only RM7.50 for the one she brought home previously.

Of course, I took the trouble to sun them…


…first prior to frying. I noticed the slices were generally very big so I expected them to expand till really huge upon frying.

Because of the aforementioned reason, I did not think they could go into those Jacob cream crackers tin that I used before so I had to look for a container big enough and we do have one Tupperware that fits the description but no, it turned out that they were not that big, after all…

Keropok Brunai, fried

Unfortunately, I must say that the crackers paled in comparison with the other one, the fish variety and were nowhere near that “PRODUCT OF MALAYSIA”, wherever that came from…nor the RM12.50 Mukah one that I bought. Some slices were very salty, some rather bland and some did not rise to the occasion – in other words, they were hard in parts like they were uncooked.

I certainly would not want to buy these from Brunei ever again, thank you very much!!!

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5 thoughts on “Pale in comparison…”

  1. I only buy those keropok that I am familiar with. I like both prawn and fish ones from our local brand Hua Hua.

    My cousin in Kuching does not like Hua Hua, she did not say why but she likes the other brand you mentioned, Boon Ting…and what a coincidence! My sister brought over a packet the other day. I sunned the slices and deep-fried already – review coming up soon in my blog!

  2. Or perhaps it is not suitable for our palate. 😀

    …or this is not the brand to go for. Even our famous Mukah ones – people say one needs to buy some specific ones only, others no good.

  3. I bought two packets from Pantai Remis but till today, they are still untouched. I guess they will have to wait till after CNY.. there are many goodies in the house… will take some time to finish them all… hahaha..

    I’ve stopped frying because everytime I fried – two Jacob’s cream crackers tins, I’d finish them all in no time at all. Nothing to do at home…eat…eat…eat!!!

  4. We have something similar and its called kropek, reminds me I have to buy some. Now I am craving for it

    Must be the same, even the names sound similar.

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