On his way…

You may remember my girl’s coursemate – we call him by his pet name, Bubu. He and his family went to Sarikei recently and bought me a whole lot of buns from a bakery there. Well, I was browsing through Facebook the other day and I saw that he was cooking bakso. I did not comment – I just liked his post and logged out.

According to Wiki, bakso or baso is an Indonesian meatball or a meat paste made from beef surimi. The word bakso may refer to a single meatball or the complete dish of meatball soup. Mie bakso refers to bakso served with yellow noodles and rice vermicelli. I had that once here and even though it was nice, it did not sweep me off my feet and I never had it again.

Anyway, what I did not know was Bubu sent me a message via Messenger saying that he was on his way to my house. I was already offline and seeing that I did not respond, he called me to tell me that. He was at my gate soon enough and he passed me everything. No, I did not let him in, not in the current circumstances.

We had just had dinner at the time and were very full so we just saved it all for the following day. I had a bowl when I got up, first thing in the morning, and so did the ladies, one each and Bubu gave us so much that there was still some leftover so I had all the rest for lunch…

Bubu's bakso

Yes, it was very nice and my missus loved the super-duper spicy chili dip…

Bubu's chili dip

…that Bubu cooked and gave with the bakso. Yes, he also gave the bihun, the sliced cabbage and the garnishing.

I don’t know what went into the cooking but I am quite sure he had his little boy in mind and would not want to add anything that might put him off the dish. Bubu said that he had to boil the bihun longer to make sure it was very soft or else the boy would not like it…but I did not think it was all that soft actually, pretty much like what I would come out with when cooking it or anything with it.

I saw serai (lemon grass) and garlic but no, I could hardly detect both in the soup which was very nice but surprisingly, it did not have a strong beef taste despite the many beef balls and beef bones…

Bubu's bakso, beef bones

I enjoyed eating the tender meat and the tendon clinging to those bones and I loved how the meatballs were like meatballs – I think usually, they would beat the mixture to get a fish ball-like QQ (firm & rubbery) texture and I am not a fan of those like that.

Thank you so much, Bubu and missus and son, for the delightful bakso and for going through all that trouble of sending it over to my house. Take care, God bless always.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “On his way…”

  1. I have baksa once at a kopitiam at Samarahan. The broth was flavourful and it comes with 3 or 4 big beef balls, some garnishing on top of it and instead of noodles I have kway teow. Yours looks different from what I had.

    Wiki says yellow noodles or rice vermicelli but I sure wouldn’t mind kway teow either.

    The one I had before looked different too. For one thing, the beef balls were different – theirs had the fish ball-like texture and I guess presemtation may differ from place to place.

    There is one place here – people were praising the bakso to the skies and I was planning on going but with the current mco/pkp, that is no longer possible. Hopefully, it is still around after all this is over!

  2. So nice of him to pass you the food. Quite big meatballs.

    I tried bakso before. It was alright to me, not so crazy about it. Hubby tasted bakso mee in Pontianak before, he said it was very good.

  3. How nice of Bubu to send the bakso for you and your family to enjoy. I have never had bakso before. I will try it if I see it on the menu when eating out is allowed again. BTW, my comment on your previous post disappeared.

    No leh? It’s there all right, loud and clear! LOL!!!

    Yes, Bubu is a very nice boy, took good care of my girl when they were overseas, so grateful to him for that.

  4. I would love to try the meatballs too. Ouh and dip them with dried chilli and I am sure they would be savoury. :p

    Dried chili? You mean the chili dip? That sure was not dry but yes, it was so so so nice!

  5. I have never tasted this before, looks good though… so nice of your girl’s friend to bring them to you…

    Yes, so very nice and so thankful! I am sure you have that in Ipoh just that you always stick to your favourites, staying in your comfort zone, so to speak – after all, the peninsula is closer to Indonesia than Sibu. LOL!!!

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