Little flowers…

My missus made these…

Kuih dahlia/kuih sempirit

…the other day. Some people call them kuih dahlia after the flower though I really do not see the resemblance.

I shared a photograph of them on Facebook and an old friend commented, “The good old sempret?” [SIC] Oh? I did not know it was thus called so I went and googled to see what I could find.

According to one website, kuih semperit is Malaysia’s answer to the Scottish butter cookie: it became known as semperit because the Malay chef mispronounced ‘shortbread’. Others point to Indonesia as its origin. It is usually shaped into either the dahlia flower pattern or round biscuits with a ridged, serrated surface. Another name for this biscuit is Biskut Bunga Dahlia.

Well, whatever it is called, it seems that it is very familiar to a lot of people, going all the way back to their childhood days. My cousin all the way in the UK remarked, “OMG! These are some of the cookies of my childhood days! My Mum used to make these as well,” and my blogger friend in Kuching had this to say, “My childhood cookies. I will bite the middle cherry first before taking the whole thing. Now hardly see people make, hardly get to enjoy it anymore.” Well, that is not  a problem in my case – my missus makes them every year!

Firstly, she made the dough and putting a bit at a time in a special pump, a small one, she pumped out the flowers…

Pump out the flowers

I think each time, she was only able to pump three.

After that, she would put tiny cut bits of cherry in the middle of each flower…

A bit of cherry

Seeing that she had to do all these and at the same time, keep an eye on those trays that had gone into the oven, I chipped in to lend a hand and did this part for her.

Once done, the tray was ready to go into the oven…

Ready for the oven

She did manage to make quite a number of trays and thankfully, only one was a little overdone…


The biscuits were a little more tanned, especially at the bottom so she put those rejects aside and we could eat them right away. The rest were all placed nicely in airtight cookie jars to be kept till Chinese New Year.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “Little flowers…”

  1. Those beautiful little dahlia cookies bring back sweet memories of my childhood. Love them much. I also like lek tau ko and kuih bangkit.

    Every year, I would buy my kuih bangkit from Payung. They get from somebody, homemade at a house in Mukah. No news of them selling any this year, probably none because of the pandemic. We can get let tao ko anytime throughout the whole year at the bakery where I bought the very nice chai kuih.

  2. Oh! I remember these pretty cookies from my childhood days. I was always very fascinated by the cherries. These cookies are time consuming to make since have to pipe the dough. I prefer cookies that I can just plonk on the baking tray hee..hee…

    The spoon method, eh? Like Famous Amos’. I guess that is one reason why not many are into these old school cookies anymore. Quite a chore to make. My cousin in Kuching tried making kuih bangkit and her gas stove and kitchen counter looked like there was snow!!! LOL!!!

  3. You are right. These cookies indeed invoke my childhood memories…too bad, not many people are making them already over here.

    Now we only have fancy snacks.

    Here. they do sell old school biscuits that are a lot easier to make, just roll into balls.

  4. Wow.. so nicely and neatly done!! Your wife is really patient, I don’t think I can do this! And to wait for CNY to eat? Oh, I am half way finishing my jam tarts already!

    LOL!!! We are more disciplined, better self-control!

  5. Lots of patience needed to make those little flowers!
    One of my favourites, too!

    Not that difficult, just takes time. My missus is good with her hands and when she makes them, it looks quite easy. If I try pumping, I would not know what flower would come out. LOL!!!

  6. They are delicate! It’s been years since I’ve used a piping tool

    My late mum had some pumps for this purpose. I guess there is none for some specific kind of cookies, will have to do it manually, one by one to get the designs desired.

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