In the army now…

I think it was my blogger-friend, Merryn, who shared a photograph on Facebook of some prawns that she cooked. They looked quite big so I asked her how much they were per kilo. She did not know but she said that her hubby bought them, 16 prawns for around RM30.00. I thought that was pretty reasonable – here, it would be around RM40 a kilo and you will get around 20 big ones.

Well, I managed to get 2 kilos that day at RM38.00 a kilo…

Pek hay seawater prawns

…at a temporary fish & seafood stall by the side of the building where a food court that I used to frequent is located. The nice lady helped to pick out all the bigger ones for me and I was able to fill two tubs of this much, each of them, and I singled out those smaller ones to pack separately, cho liao (for ingredient) – to use when cooking vegetables, that is. In fact, I did use some when I cooked my sambal tumis bilis fried rice that day.

Well, it so happened that my missus said that my girl would like her to cook tom yam prawns the following day, Friday, so when I got up early the next morning, I took out one tub of the crustaceans, frozen in ice, to let it defrost. When it was done, I took two to cook this line of Korean instant noodles…

Army stew ramyun

…that we had in the pantry.

I did come across this army stew thing at a Korean hotpot place here but we never got round to trying it – that place has since closed down.

Inside the  packet, besides the noodles, there were two sachets…

Noodles and sachets

…one with the seasoning and one with the dry ingredients.

I boiled the prawns and cooked an egg to serve with the noodles…

Army Stew Ramyun, cooked and served 1

…which I thought was very nice but it was rather spicy. Yes, the ladies did say it was spicy but it was not one of the “killers” that they had had before. Gosh!!! I do not think I would enjoy anything spicier than this one – that would be absolute torture, I’m sure!

Just like the other one that I had that day, I found the texture of the noodles different from our regular instant noodles, firmer and smoother and not so soft and this one also had those bits of what looked meat to me, three of them…

Army Stew Ramyun, cooked & served 2

My guess was those were probably vegetarian mock meat, not the real thing.

Well, I would not mind having a go at this again should I happen to see any sitting in the pantry but I sure would not want to go out and buy. I am quite certain that it, like anything and everything Korean, does not come cheap.

Author: suituapui

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8 thoughts on “In the army now…”

  1. Wow! The prawns sure look good on the noodles after they are cooked. I only buy Cintan and maggi. Sometimes Mamee instant noodles. Have never bought k ones and don’t think I will because I can’t eat spicy noodles.

    I don’t mind the spiciness but I really do not think it is worth the price one pays for it – at the end of the day, it’s nothing more than instant noodles. Can have something fresh and a whole lot nicer outside. Not as bad as the Singapore ones though – for those, my whole family can have breakfast outside.

    So far, the one that is not spicy and the nicest among all that I’ve tried would be the clam soup one:

  2. Since the ladies in the house say it is rather spicy, then I guess it is not for me too. The add-on ingredients. makes that bowl of noodles looks so good. Nice presentation.

    Thank you. This one was spicy but the level was ok. Some were so spicy, my girl choked on them – the mum could manage but she admitted those were way too spicy. Of course I did not try those, thank you very much! I wonder who would enjoy those if my missus found those over-spicy!!!

  3. It’s winter storming in my part of the world, and that would be perfect for this cold snowy weather. It’s close to bed time here, but definitely I’ll have a bowl of ramen tomorrow.


    Oh? You’re in the states, are you? I saw there were blizzards, snowstorms at some places over there. Keep calm, keep warm, stay safe!
    Enjoy your ramen tomorrow! Bon appetit!

  4. My man bought 2 kg last Friday. I immediately cleaned and packed in few packs, ready for cny. Haha. I hate cleaning work but what to do.

    Yes, cleaning is such a chore…and 2 kilos!!! That is one reason why I prefer to buy the big ones even though they are so expensive. More to eat, nicer to look at…and not so tedious having to clean so many small ones.

  5. The prawns that you had looked so big compared to the bowl. 😀 Enjoy your succulent prawns.

    I sure will. Very nice and fresh!!!

  6. RM38.00 a kilo thats inexpensive, I wish we had the same price in here

    I had prawns in Auckland but they were bland, so tasteless, dunno why…but you all had a whole lot of very nice seafood, can give prawns a miss.

  7. wah that’s one of the best looking instant noodle, and those prawns are cheap!

    Cheap? Hmmmmm!!! I guess they cost a bomb over at your side. LOL!!! People always comment that I always make my instant boodles look so good.

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