One vision…

When I bought Ol’ Faithful, my Proton Wira, in 1994, this…


…was sandblasted onto the glass at the back of the car, not that it got me all excited and jumping with delight – it was just…there. Frankly speaking, I never had my hopes up high through good times and bad times and all these years, nobody expected a massive disaster to strike in that year in question.

To put it mildly, 2020 has not been a very good year, has it?

The COVID-19 pandemic broke out around the beginning of the year…and a partial MCO (movement control order)/lockdown was declared in March to flatten the curve in the 1st wave. It seemed quite successful and the country won praises from her counterparts near and far but no, that was not the end of the coronavirus. I think it is the 3rd wave now and things are certainly not looking any better in many states – thankfully, it isn’t too bad here in Sarawak. Needless to say, as far as this visionary dream was concerned, it unceremoniously went right out the window.

The pandemic brought severe consequences to the lives of the people and the economy. Many fell ill and many died, many businesses closed down while the others struggled desperately to stay afloat. These are sad times, very hard times and it does not seem to be getting any better even though they have come out with the vaccine and are trying it out here, there and everywhere.

Malaysia is expected to receive hers in February but personally, I am not banking my hopes on a vaccine for protection – we still have to observe the same SOP that we have been practising throughout most of 2020, the new normal, they call it – wear a mask wherever we go…


…practise social/physical distancing when going out at all times, avoid crowded places like a plague. As they say, better be safe than sorry!

At a time like this, I do not see any reason to celebrate to ring in the new year but of course, we must be grateful nonetheless and give thanks to God that at least, we are alive and have, so far, been spared of the scourge and even though the future looks kind of bleak, we must continue praying that He will continue to protect us and no matter how long it will take, we shall get over all this and things will get better eventually.

In time for the new year
*From my cousin and family in Perth, Australia, thank you so much – didn’t make it for Christmas but made it just in time for the New Year*

For all it’s worth, A HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2021, everyone. May God bless and watch over us and protect us always…

…from a distance.